Here’s How You Can Search for Specific Players in Football Manager 2024

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Football Manager 2024 is all set to hit the virtual shelves on 6th November for PC, Consoles, and Mobile devices.
There are four different methods to look up specific players, some of them allowing you to apply specific filters to your searches.

Football Manager 2024 is all set to hit the virtual shelves on 6th November and numerous fans of the franchise are overjoyed to get their hands on it. This latest installment boasts a slew of features such as improved positional play, a refined transfer market, brand-new game modes, and other specialized set pieces to help you become the best manager for your squad,

When the previous Football Manager 2023 was released, many new players had trouble finding the exact players they needed to build their roster. If you are picking up FM 2024 you might possibly have the same question in your mind. Worry not, as we help you figure out how to use the search tool in this new title.

How to Search for Specific Players in Football Manager 2024?

When it comes to searching for players in FM 24, there are numerous ways you can go about it. These are:

Using the Default Search Bar

This is obviously the easiest and the most intuitive method to search for players in FM 24 as all you need to do is simply type in the name of your required player and the game will show their page along with all of their statistics.

Using Advanced Search

You can double down on the default search option by using advanced search. Using this option allows you to narrow down your options, as it allows you to use an array of filters including the selection of specific attributes to find the exact player you are looking for. Follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Scouting tab located on the left-hand side of your screen

  • Head to Players at the top of your screen and select between Players in Range or Scouted Players from the drop-down menu.

  • Use the New Player Search or Edit Player Search button to customize your filters

  • You can use the filters to determine things like Player age, Player Position, Player Club, etc.

Using Scout Reports

Another alternative that you can use to search for players is to use the reports provided to you by your club’s scouts. While the scouting team will automatically create certain tasks, players also have the ability to assign specific tasks with a few simple clicks:

  • Head to the Scouting tab located on the left-hand side of your screen.

  • Select Recruitment Focus at the top.

  • Click the Create Recruitment Focus button which will give you similar options to the advanced search, through which you can add filters.

By Checking Player Stats

The last method you can use is to analyze the statistics shown after a league match. You will simply have to search for the type of league you want to view and then click on Player stats which will show you all the information of the players who participated in it. This includes information about the MVPs, the top dribblers, the top goal scorers, etc.

Those are pretty much all the methods to look up specific players in Football Manager 2024. Using these methods can be a sure-fire way to find the exact player you are looking for.

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