Here’s How You Can Quickly Obtain Stellar Crystals in AFK Journey

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here’s How You Can Quickly Obtain Stellar Crystals in AFK Journey</p></div>

Here’s How You Can Quickly Obtain Stellar Crystals in AFK Journey


Stellar Crystals can be obtained in exchange for Diamonds or Dolly Tickets from the Guild and Recruitment stores respectively.
You can also get Stellar Crystals as a reward while opening Guild Chests.

AFK Journey encompasses a diverse list of Heroes, each belonging to various factions and possessing unique abilities. While some of them are relatively easier to acquire, Heroes belonging to the Celestial and Hypogean factions can be harder to come by, as they require you to summon them from the Stargaze Station. However, pulling your desired characters demands Stellar Crystals, which is one of the most coveted resources in the game. Without further ado, here’s how you can get them.

All Effective Ways to Obtain Stellar Crystals in AFK Journey

Although this resource can be rare to come by, the game does offer you a few ways to obtain them.  The Stellar Crystals can be obtained from three main sources; the Guild Store, the Recruitment Store, and the Trolley.

  • Buying Stellar Crystals from the Guild Store: One Stellar Crystal can be purchased by using 400 Diamonds, which is quite substantial. Make sure you save your diamonds without lavishly spending them on redundant items. Note that you are limited to a maximum of 6 Stellar Crystals per month.

  • Acquiring Stellar Crystals From the Recruitment Store: You can use the Dolly Tickets you earn from summons at the Noble Tavern to trade them in for 3 Stellar Crystals every month. While the regular price for One Stellar Crystal is 620 Dolly Tickets, you will also be able to purchase the first one for just 310 Dolly Tickets, essentially granting you a 50% discount every month. 

This means you can purchase a maximum of 4 Stellar Crystals, with one of them being available for half the price. You can also get these crystals by joining a Guild and obtaining them as rewards while opening Guild Chests. Unfortunately, these are the only major ways to obtain Stellar Crsytals if you are a F2P player.

  • Purchasing Stellar Crystals from the Trolley: Spending 1120 Dragon Crystals on the biweekly Stargaze bundle in the Trolley will grant you a total of 20 Stellar Crystals.

Acquiring the Stellar Crystals without spending money can be quite a tedious process as it takes a considerable amount of time, doing numerous pulls before you can gather enough Dolly Tickets to purchase these crystals from the store. Obtaining Diamonds is also challenging, as it requires you to play through various game modes and quests before you can accumulate enough to purchase the Stellar Crystals. To make the process a bit easier, you can redeem active AFK Journey Codes, as they grant a decent amount of Diamonds.

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