Here’s How You Can Get The Ghostmaker Unique Rune Dagger in Last Epoch


Here’s How You Can Get The Ghostmaker Unique Rune Dagger in Last Epoch

Surya Kumar
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The Ghostmaker Unique Rune Dagger can be acquired upon completing Echoes and quests within the Reign of Dragons Timeline.
Although you can acquire this weapon as an Echo reward, taking down the Emperor of Corpses Timeline Boss greatly increases its drop rate.
Completing the Reign of Dragons also unlocks The Last Ruin, Age of Winter, and Spirits of Fire Timelines.

The immersive world of Last Epoch spans various Eras and Timelines, each equipped with its own set of formidable bosses and elite enemies to challenge your skills. Defeating these foes will grant you numerous lucrative rewards that help you further enhance your build. One such is the Ghostmkaer Unique Rune Dagger, known for greatly increasing attributes such as Critical Strike Chance, Melee, and Spell Damage. Without further ado, Here’s how to obtain this elusive weapon in Last Epoch.

How to Acquire The Ghostmaker Unique Rune Dagger in Last Epoch?

Obtaining The Ghostmaker Unique Rune Dagger requires you to head to the End of Time region and reach the Reign of Dragons Timeline, where you must go through three different quests:

  • Drowned Thetima 

  • Island Battlefield 

  • Eye of the Storm 

Reign of Dragons

The final quest Eye of the Storm will put you face to face against the deadly Emperor of Corpses, who will dish out both Physical and Necrotic damages. Apart from dropping four different boss-specific Uniques, you also have the chance to obtain The Ghostmaker upon defeating this mighty dragon. However, you require at least 400 Stability to start this quest, which bumps up to a greater 860 Stability, if you wish to attempt this again on Empowered. 

Emperor of Corpses

Although you have a chance to obtain the Dagger from completing individual Echoes in the Timeline, attempting the bosses, especially on Empowered greatly increases your drop rates. Here are the stats for The Ghostmaker Unique Rune Dagger:

  • Range: 1.9

  • Base Attack Rate: 1.14

  • Melee Damage: +36

  • Critical Strike Chance: +3 to 4%

  • Spell Damage: +30 to 40

  • Required Level: 61

  • 61 to 66 Ward Gain on Kill

  • +61 to 66 Necrotic Damage for Damage Over Time Spells

  • 11 to 16% chance to Cast Summon Wraith when one of yours kills an enemy

  • 22 to 36% chance to Cast Infernal Shade when one of your Wraiths kills an enemy

  • 61 to 66% increased Infernal Shade Damage for every Wraith battling bosses and rare enemies

  • 36 to 61% increased area for Infernal Shade and Melee attacks for all Summoned Wraiths

As you can see, this weapon is certainly effective if you are running as a Necromancer, allowing you to stack up multiple DoT spells and other damage modifiers to quickly take down even the most intimidating foes in the game.

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