What Is the Dusk Shroud in Last Epoch? Status Ailment Explained


What Is the Dusk Shroud in Last Epoch? Status Ailment Explained

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Dusk Shroud is an ailment that grants you a 5% chance to receive a Glancing Blow when hit, along with an increased Dodge Rating by +50 for four seconds.
While it comes with its own limitations, it is best used in Bladedancer, Rogue, Falconer, and Marskman builds.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch boasts several complex mechanics to offer an enticing ARPG experience for its players. One of its core gameplay features is the diverse list of ailments offered in the game’s catalog of passive skills. While most are relatively straightforward, some effects like the Dusk Shroud can be quite confusing to understand and incorporate into your build. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about this ailment and its uses in Last Epoch.

How Does The  Dusk Shroud Status Ailment Work in Last Epoch?

The Dusk Shroud ailment in Last Epoch is a positive status effect that grants you a 5% chance to receive a Glancing Blow when hit, while also increasing your Dodge Rating by +50. This ailment lasts for four seconds and the best part is that it has no limits to its stacks, meaning you could significantly reduce your oncoming damage rating while also increasing your chances of dodging hits from formidable bosses and other elite enemies.

While that sounds simple on paper, you need to understand the significance of Glancing Blow in the game to truly appreciate the Dusk Shroud ailment. As the name suggests, Glancing Blow is a stat capable of reducing damage taken from enemies by a massive 35%. This means the game’s one-hit attacks will be ineffective against you, allowing you to face deadly bosses with confidence.

However, similar to other ailments, the Dusk Shroud also comes with its own set of limitations mainly due to Glancing Blow. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind:

  • Glancing Blow will not activate against enemies who deal with Damage over Time (DoT) attacks such as Bleed, Poison, and Ignite.

  • Dusk Shroud will only come in handy while dealing with foes who perform physical hits.

How Can You Get Dusk Shroud in Last Epoch?

The Dusk Shroud ailment can be acquired from the Blade Dancer Passive Tree Node along with others such as Cloaked Reaper and Veil of Night. You can also access it from class-specific skill tree nodes such as:

  • Rogue: Umbral Blades and Smoke Bomb 

  • Marksman: Hail of Arrows and Dark Quiver

  • Falconer: Dive Bomb and Explosive Traps

The Shroud of Dusk can be applied while crafting various items such as Daggers, Ornate Idols, Armor, etc., provided you are equipped with the right affixes to do so. This ailment is most effective when playing on Bladedancer, Rogue, Marksman, and Falconer builds. 

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