Here’s How You Can Get the Electric Coil Stick in Lies of P


Here’s How You Can Get the Electric Coil Stick in Lies of P

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The Electric Coil Stick is a really potent weapon that can deal deadly shock and lightning damage to enemies.
The weapon comes in handy, especially at the beginning stage where you will have to deal with a lot of puppets.
This brand-new souls-like is currently available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows, and macOS.

Lies of P is a brand-new souls-like that puts players in the shoes of a humanoid Pinocchio who has to deal with hordes of puppets and other biomechanical enemies, some of which are inspired by the Steampunk style of games such as Bioshock. The game offers players a variety of weapons such as swords, knives, sabers, and even heavy weaponry like hammers. Apart from regular equipment, the game also allows you to carry acidic or even electronic weapons, one of them being the Electric Coil Stick which comes in really handy at the beginning stage of the game. Here’s how you can find it.

What Is the Electric Coil Stick in Lies of P?

As the name suggests, an electric coil stick gives you the ability to zap your enemies and deal deadly lightning damage. It is an exceptional weapon that can be really potent due to its ability to deal excellent damage and scale really well as you level up. 

Almost every puppet in the game is vulnerable to lightning damage, which takes this weapon into the territory of being overpowered, at least in the early game stage. Furthermore, the coil stick also has the ability to stack lightning damage which means you deal increased damage to your enemies with every consequent hit.

Lies of P also divides weapons into two components; the blade and the handle, which allows you to customize your weaponry by swapping out its handles according to your requirements. Here are the stats of the Electric Coil Stick:

  • Weapon Type: Blunt

  • Weapon Durability: 100/100

  • Total Weight: 11.7

  • Physical Attack: 56

  • Motivity: C

  • Technique: D

  • Advance: B

Fable Arts

  • Generate (Blade): Greatly increases Electric Blitz ATK temporarily.

  • Rush Smash (Handle): Jump and powerfully strike downward at the enemy.

You can also customize your Electric Coil Stick’s handle with something like the Dancer’s Curved Sword handle which will increase attack speed and improve horizontal range.

Where Can You Find the Electric Coil Stick?

If you want to use the Electric Coil Stick, you must first purchase it from a Wandering Merchant, who is present in an adjacent room to the Stargazer (save point) found inside the house on Elysion Boulevard. It’ll only cost you 1,200 Ergo.

You need to enter the path in a straight line until you find a ladder. Climb up the ladder and head to the rooftops. You will know you are getting close as soon as you find puppets throwing Electro bombs at you. You will also encounter a miniboss fight that is relatively easy to defeat. After killing the boss, you will also receive an amulet of life which grants you additional health.

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