Here's How You Can Get Amber in Enshrouded


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Here's How You Can Get Amber in Enshrouded

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Amber is one of the most crucial resources in Enshrouded which can help you craft a variety of items.
Are you wondering how to get Amber in Enshrouded? Here’s a guide to help you.

There's no doubt that survival games have started with a bang in 2024. Palworld has been a complete standout, with its mix of creature capture and base building capturing everyone's attention. However, Enshrouded is a very different game. The title is set in a realm known as Embervale. Magic users have accidentally unreleased a pestilence, which ended up consuming much of the life there. Players must survive and thrive with others in this harsh climate in a unique multiplayer experience.

One of the most crucial things to find in Enshrouded is Amber. It's a key to unlocking powerful magic and gear that can help you thrive in this survival game. Without further ado, let's look at how to obtain this rare resource. 

How to Get Amber in Enshrouded?

You can locate Amber at the following locations -

  • North side of the Revelwood area.

  • Northwest of the Revelwood in the Elixir Well Mine area

One of the best places to farm this rare resource is inside the Well, where you'll find a wall of it, perfect when you need a fair amount. 

Here's How You Can Get Amber in Enshrouded

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In the northern areas of Revelwood, Amber will appear in small amounts as an orange-looking stone. It's different from copper and clay but more challenging to find due to its darker color and more smooth surface. 

The other location, Elixir Well, is also plagued by enemies but contains many more veins and pillars of Amber inside. Be sure to clear the area from opponents before you begin looking for the resource. To get the biggest Amber clusters, go to the arrow corridor inside the elixir cave and take the stairs up the Shroud root. If you manage to chop down roots first, you won't need to keep an eye on the timer, and you'll have sufficient time to mine it.

Keep in mind the shroud will consume you if you travel to the Revelwood area unprepared. You must reach Altar Flame Level Three before you can safely make it through the Revelwood region, and you'll require a Shabby Pickaxe. The Shabby version is the pickaxe's second-tier upgrade, and a blacksmith will require metal scraps to craft it. 

How to Quickly Farm Amber in Enshrouded?

Resources tend to respawn each time you log out and return to Enshrouded. So when you collect Amber, go back to your base. Leave the game, make sure it's closed, and log back in. All resources, including Amber, should be replenished in your game’s world. It’s the best way to quickly farm this resource.

How Can You Use Amber in Enshoruded?

Amber is one of the most crucial resources required to upgrade your Flame Altar. You'll only need x15 Amber for this, which you can harvest in one trip. That's not all; Amber can also be used for the mage gear found at the Alchemist. The Mage Set and Healer Set need Amber, which is the gear you'll require to tackle the Revelwood region and the large WispyWyvern Boss Fight found at The Pike.

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