Here’s How You Can Fix the Queue Not Moving Error in Last Epoch


Here’s How You Can Fix the Queue Not Moving Error in Last Epoch

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The queue not moving error in Last Epoch is related to the servers being overloaded due to the influx of players trying to log into the game.
While an official fix is underway, here are some of the methods you can attempt to resolve queue stagnation.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch finally got its full release after years of being in its early access state. The game received its 1.0 update, bringing numerous additions such as overhauled models, animations, lighting, new skills, item factions, and more. These exciting features invited an influx of players that unfortunately caused issues with the game servers, resulting in increased queue times, crashes, etc. 

Many also reported that the queue to load into the lobby seemed stuck, which can be understandably frustrating. If you happen to encounter the same issue and spend countless minutes waiting for the queue to move up to no avail, here’s everything you can attempt to resolve this error.

How to Fix the Queue Not Moving Error in Last Epoch?

Thankfully, the devs have acknowledged the many server errors that have been plaguing Last Epoch since its full release and are actively working on resolving them. While an official fix is in the works, there are a few workaround and preventive measures you can take to deal with the Queue not moving error. Here’s everything you can try:

Check Your Internet Connection

While the Queue not moving error is mostly related to the game’s server, you need to make sure that there aren’t any discrepancies from your side which might also affect your queue times. You can use any speed test sites such as Ookla, Google Fiber Test, etc., to ensure your connection is stable and secure. If you run into any issues, perform a power cycle on your modem or contact your ISP and ask them to reconfigure your router.

Check Service Updates and Server Status

As mentioned above, the Last Epoch devs are currently deploying many service updates to fix all of the reported problems with the game servers. As a result, you might experience disconnections as well as issues with queues. Make sure you also check the status of the servers before attempting to log in. This can be done either by visiting their server status thread, or their social media handles and by joining the Last Epoch Discord server. Here’s the recent status update at the time of writing:

“Many seem to be connecting and playing without issue but we are investigating reports of players who are unable to login. Thank you all again for your patience.”

Change Server Region

Considering that the Queue not moving error is related to overloaded servers, you can switch to another server region while you are attempting to log in. This might help you bypass festering queue times while also reducing the waiting period.  

Contact Last Epoch Support

If the aforementioned steps do not yield any results, you can also contact Last Epoch’s Technical Support, where you can submit requests and even look up troubleshooting methods for more such errors. 

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