Here’s How You Can Finish the Cleansing Felwood Quest in World of Warcraft Classic


Here’s How You Can Finish the Cleansing Felwood Quest in World of Warcraft Classic

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The Cleansing Felwood quest is a necessary mission that unlocks repeatable profession-based quests that grant you unique rewards.
It involves gathering 15 Blood Ambers from northern Felwood, and this objective remains the same regardless of your faction.

The Cleansing Felwood quest in World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic is an essential mission that needs to be completed to unlock access to repeatable profession-based quests that will grant you the Cenarion Plant Salve. This item is used to purify the plants of Felwood. 

Cleansing these plants will reward you with a consumable item or a buff to your status effects, which can be a game-changer while participating in Dungeon hunts or raids. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about this mission such as requirements, and rewards. strategies, and more.

Cleansing Felwood Quest in World of Warcraft Classic

While the Cleansing Felwood questline quest begins for Alliance players in Aranthandris Valley,  it starts for Horde players at the Maybess Riverbreeze region. You will have to traverse through the region quite a bit, as the quest commences from southern Felwood and requires you to trek to northern Felwood. Regardless of what faction you belong to, your objective remains the same, which is to retrieve 15 Blood Amber.

Here’s How You Can Finish the Cleansing Felwood Quest in World of Warcraft Classic

Once you reach northern Felwood, you will find two mobs, Warpwood Moss Flayers, and Warpwood of Shredders which need to be killed to obtain Blood Amber. The required level for this quest is 48. You will find them inside a cave at these coordinates:

  • 54.91, 15.71

  • 56.05, 17.01

  • 57.91, 19.05

  • 58.96, 21.03

  • 59.6, 21.03

two mobs

One more thing to keep in mind is that, as long as the Cleansing Felwood quest is active, the drop rate of Blood Amber from the aforementioned mobs will be 100 percent. After acquiring a sufficient amount of this resource, all you need to do is head back to southern Felwood and speak to the quest-giver.

This NPC will now tell you that the corruption surrounding the region of Felwood can be overthrown by the use of Blood Amber. This completes the quest and you will be granted 5650 XP for your efforts. You will also unlock access to the Cenarion Plant Salve, allowing you to embark on profession-based missions from which you can earn unique rewards.

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