How to Complete the “Bodyguard for Hire” Quest in World of Warcraft Classic?


How to Complete the “Bodyguard for Hire” Quest in World of Warcraft Classic?

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The “Bodyguard for Hire” quest in WoW requires you to protect the Gizelton Caravans from enemies in the Kolkar Centuar Village.
This quest acts as an effective way to farm XP, thanks to its frequent availability and relative ease.

World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic encompasses a diverse array of quests, each granting the player several rare items and weapons as rewards. While most quests pose a relatively harder challenge, missions like “Bodyguard for Hire” have a pretty straightforward objective, requiring you to guard a convoy of Gizelton Caravan Kodos as they traverse through the Kolkar Centuar Village. Without further ado, here’s how you can finish this chaperoning quest and  in WoW Classic.

Bodyguard for Hire Quest in World of Warcraft Classic

This quest begins when you interact with Cork Gizelton in Desolace, Southeast of Thunder Axe Fortress. He will let you know that he is looking for bodyguards to protect the Gizelton Caravan. You need to be at least level 30 to begin this quest. After speaking to Cork, you need to head towards the road located east of Kormek’s Hut. 


Thankfully, this quest is available every hour, providing an effective way to farm XP if you are loitering around the area. Once it begins, you need to escort the two Gizelton Caravans across the Kolkar Centuar Village. As expected, you will be ambushed by numerous enemies of the Kolkar such as Scouts, Ambushers, Waylayers, etc.

kolkar enemies

To plan an effective strategy, you need to know that the Caravan stops in two locations for ten minutes each. The first Northern stop happens on the road southeast of the Thunder Axe Fortress, outside the Kormerk’s Hut. The second Southern stop is on the road near a pond west of Mannoroc Coven before the Gelkis Village. Remember, that the Caravan travels for around 28 minutes between each halt. 

Additionally, each of these locations features a Harvest golem Vendor; the Vendor-Tron 1000 and Super-Seller 680. The former sells Greater Healing and Mana potions along with numerous food recipes such as Lean Venison, Roast Raptor, Jungle Stew, etc. The latter offers several other items such as Keen Throwing Dagger, Scrolls, Schematics, and recipes like Mystery Stew, Lean Wolf Steak, etc.

Smeed Scrabblescrew

After handling all the Kolkar Ambushers and guarding the Caravans, you will be told to speak to Smeed Scrabblescrew, who will grant you a level 35 Trader’s Ring along with 2,750 XP for your efforts. The ring will grant you a slight +8 Stamina increase and it can be farmed multiple times. Although you only need to be level 30 to begin this mission, guarding the convoy can be quite challenging, as most Kolkar enemies will be at least level 33 and above. 

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