Here's How You Can Find Yeti in GTA Online


Here's How You Can Find Yeti in GTA Online

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GTA Online's holiday season returns and brings a chance for you to hunt down the infamous Yeti in this year's Treasure Event.
Here's a complete guide on how you can find Yeti in GTA Online.

It's the holiday season in GTA Online, and Los Santos is covered in blankets of snow. There's no doubt that snowfall is a beautiful sight, and so too is getting a snowball launcher to pelt players and NPCs. That's not all; the season also marks the return of a terrifying creature, Yeti.

The elusive Yeti is on the loose in Los Santos yet again, and slaying him would get you an exciting costume. However, you can't go around and just find Yeti like that.

So, if you're wondering how you can find Yeti in GTA Online, we've got you covered! Here's a complete guide on finding this monster in GTA online.

GTA Online: How to Find Yeti?

Inspired by the real-life Bigfoot, the Yeti is a colossal humanoid covered in hair. The monstrosity will attack on sight, attempting to take your life. However, in order to trigger this event, you must find all five clues in order first. It's one of the Christmas event objectives, which you can do on your own.

To get started with your Yeti hunt, you must head to the area marked on the map below. Regardless of the time of the day you visit, the white mission circle will show up.

Here's How You Can Find Yeti in GTA Online

GTA Online: Where to Find Yeti Clues Locations?

Yeti is busy planning in these hills! The scenes where you'll find the clues are frightful. All clue locations, but one is just a bit off the road. You'll be able to hear the music if you drive by the clues with your radio off. Here's an overview of all Yeti clues locations –

Clue 1: Body parts

The first Yeti hunt clue can be found near the road. You'll see a tree that's been snapped at the base. Below this tree will be a head and a number of body parts.

Body Parts

Clue 2: Car Wreck 

The next clue you're looking for is a flipped car. Interact with it, and you'll have your second clue.

Car Wreak

Clue 3: Bloodied Tent

Follow the road north, and you'll need to get out of your car to find the bloodied tent. It's in a clearing at a crossroads, pretty easy to spot.

Bloodied Tent

Clue 4: Bloody Shirt

After finding the bloody tent, head towards the East. You'll run into a car and a bloody t-shirt can be found near the front of it. It's white so you'll be able to easily see it.

Bloody Shirt

Clue 5: Dead Deer

The final clue will require you to leave your car and the road. You need to head towards the river, and on the bank, you'll find a dead deer.

Dead Deer

Finding each clue will give you $10,000 and 1000 RP, totaling $50,000 and 5000 RP for all five pieces of evidence.

GTA Online: How to Spawn Yeti?

Once you've found all the clues, the Yeti will be out for you and strike you down if you're in the quest area outside your car during the nighttime. The night is 21:000 – 06:00 in-game.

But the Yeti will immediately spawn if it's already night and you've picked up your final clue. You will be able to see a flashing red skull on your mini-map, which indicates his position.

After that, Yeti will attack you. Keep in mind that he's a bit strong, so get a powerful weapon from the gun van. If you manage to take him down, you'll be awarded with the Yeti Outfit and $50,000.

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