Here’s How You Can Find All Quadrangulation Beacons in WoW Classic Season of Discovery


Here’s How You Can Find All Quadrangulation Beacons in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

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Finding the Quadrangulation Beacons is a crucial part of “The Corroded Core” questline that will eventually allow players to carry out Crafting missions in Gnomeregan.
The four Quadrangulation Beacons belonging to Wirdal Wondergear can be found in Dustwallow Marsh, Desolace, Tanaris, and Feralas respectively.

Alongside new abilities and classes, the Season of Discovery (SoD) brings an enormous catalog of quests for players of WoW Classic. While most quests are relatively easy to complete, this season also encompasses numerous questlines, one among them being the Gnomeregan Crafting missions, requiring you to traverse the massive world of Azeroth to acquire items and resources. 

A crucial part of this questline demands you to find four Quadrangulation Beacons, essential to gain access to the Gnomeregan teleporter and advance through the series of missions. Without further ado, here are all the locations you need to explore.

All Four Quadrangulation Beacon Locations in WoW Classic SoD

The hunt for the Quadrangulation Beacon begins as you progress through “The Corroded Core” quest, “when you interact with Scooty the Chief Engineer, who reveals that the set of items belongs to Wirdal Wondergear, a Gnome found in the Feralas. He will also mention that these beacons are scattered throughout Kalimdor, however, their exact locations still remain a mystery.

Scooty the Chief Engineer

Thankfully, you need not scour through the entire region of Kalimdor to find them and all you have to do is head to the following locations to find these Quadrangulation Beacons: 

  • Quadrangulation Beacon 001: Reach the Murloc Camps in Dustwallow Marsh and swim in the Ocean till you find a sunken boat at coordinates 58.6, 12.9

  • Quadrangulation Beacon 002: Head to Desolace and reach the peak of a cliff at coordinates 32.0, 72.7

  • Quadrangulation Beacon 003: Reach the sandy region of Tanaris and navigate to head to the peak of a small hill, south of Zul’ Farrak at coordinates 37.9, 27.2

  • Quadrangulation Beacon 004: Once you enter the region of Feralas in the southern end of the Isle of Dread, you will find the last beacon beside a tree at coordinates 29.3, 93.8

Booty Bay ship

You can easily travel to the aforementioned regions by boarding the ship from Booty Bay in Eastern Kingdoms to navigate through the seas and reach the western continent of Kalimdor. After interacting with all four beacons, you need to head back to the bay and talk to Booty, who will now teleport you to meet with Wirdal Wondergear and advance through the quest to fix the Salvagematic 9000. 

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