Here’s How You Can Farm Golden Pearls in World of Warcraft Classic SoD


Here’s How You Can Farm Golden Pearls in World of Warcraft Classic SoD

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Although Golden Pearls have very low drop rates, they can be farmed from Big-mouth Clams dropped after defeating various creatures in the game.
Farming Big-mouth Clams from Shalzaru’s Lair in Feralas can possibly drop over 30 Golden Pearls an hour.

World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic’s Season of Discovery (SoD) brings numerous enticing features for both new and veteran players to enjoy. Besides its overhauled dungeons, bosses, and the introduction of several other new items, the game still retains Golden Pearls, commonly used for trade skills and to craft items like the true faith vestments and enchant weapon-spell power. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out how to farm an abundance of this precious resource in Season of Discovery Phase 2.

How to Farm Golden Pearls in WoW Classic Sod?

Although the drop rates for Golden Pearls can be quite low, they still have a chance of dropping from numerous creatures in the world. The most effective way to acquire them would be to farm them from acquiring Big-mouth Clams that have a 0.5% chance of dropping them. You need to head to the Isle of the Dread and locate a cave called the Shalzaru’s Lair, found in the northwest part of Feralas.

Isle of the Dread

We recommend you reach at least level 45 before you attempt this, as you will be greeted by several Hatecrest Serpent Guards and Sorceresses who will be eager to take you down. Defeating all of these creatures is key to farming a respectable amount of Golden Pearls as all of them have a chance to drop Big-mouth Clams with these pearls. Attacking them one by one or performing Area of Effect (AoE) moves will not affect your drop rate, allowing you the flexibility to approach combat situations in the cave. 

Shalzaru’s Lair

You have a chance to obtain around 4 to 5 Golden Pearls in just an hour. Additionally, you will also receive an abundance of Silver and Copper with a decent amount of raw Gold drops as well. You can also acquire level 44 Bloodwoven Bracers of the Eagle which will provide you with 25 Armor along with +6 Intellect and +7 Stamina. 

After taking out all the hostiles inside the caves, simply rinsing and repeating this process will further increase your chances of acquiring more Golden Pearls. Apart from this location, you can also try your luck by hunting down the Turtles at Tanaris, spotted on the Western Shoreline of the map. If you are level 50 and above, you can head to The Hinterlands in the Eastern Kingdom's continent and farm the turtles there for Big-mouth Clams.

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