Here’s How You Can Get the Whirlwind Axe in World of Warcraft Classic


Here’s How You Can Get the Whirlwind Axe in World of Warcraft Classic

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Obtaining the Whirlwind Axe can be a task spanning multiple questlines such as “The Islander”, “The Windwatcher” and “Cyclonian”.
Bath’rah the troll hermit is a powerful Shaman and an excellent weapon maker who will ultimately allow you to choose between three Whirlwind weapons, one among them being the elusive Axe.
The Whirlwind Axe is certainly the best choice among the three, due to its speed and damage rates.

World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic offers numerous elusive weapons and armor upon completing a wide variety of quests present in its catalog. Although most items are relatively straightforward to acquire, rare weapons such as the Whirlwind Axe demand you to grind through multiple quests and traverse through various regions of the world to obtain it. You will have to deal with multiple foes and gather several resources which might be quite a daunting task. Let’s cut to the chase and delve into everything you need to get the Whirlwind Axe in WoW Classic.

How to Get the Whirlwind Axe in WoW Classic?

The Whirlwind Axe is an iconic weapon exclusively available for the Warrior class. Note that you need to be at least level 30 before you begin this chain of quests. First, you need to speak to the Warrior Trainer in any capital city and begin “The Islander”, a quest that will take you to the Fray Islands, a warrior hub in the Great Sea of Barrens, south of Ratchet.

Klannoc Macleod

Once you reach the island, speak to Klannoc Macleod who will task you with fighting other promising warriors in an ultimate battle to death. The goal of this quest is to kill Big Will, a level 33 Brawler who will throw everything he can to take you down. The easiest way to do this would be to take out the Affray Challengers first without stepping on the grid and beginning the fight. 

After you take out over 6 other fighters, you can focus your attention on Big Will. Keep in mind that enduring and taking out the surrounding challengers is key to completing this mission. Make sure you use all your Warrior abilities and take an abundance of healing potions to help you through this battle.

big will

After taking out the brawler, return to Klannoc who will reward you with Berserk Stance, which increases your attack damage by 15% with a 3-second cooldown. It also reduces Fear, Sap, and Incapacitate effects on you by 10%. You will then trigger “The Windwatcher” quest, which requires you to speak with Bath’rah, a troll hermit who lives between the Alterac Mountains and the Western Plaguelands.

You need to venture out to Hillsbread Foothills, located east of Tarren Mill. All you have to do is follow the path of the river to the north and you will spot Bath’rah’s camp near a ruin to the east of the river bank. Speaking to this Shaman and skilled weapon maker will trigger the “Cycolian” quest, where you must defeat the wind lord, a level 40 Cyclonian, and gain his Whirlwind Heart.

Bath’rah’s camp

However, summoning this deadly foe requires some reagents such as:

  • X8 Cresting Charms

  • X8 Thundering Charms

  • X8 Blazing Charms

  • X8 Liferoot

  • X30 Bloodscalp Tusks

While the Liferoot is pretty straightforward to obtain, all three types of Charms can be acquired from the elementals at the Circles of Binding in the Aarathi highlands. The Tusks on the other hand must be farmed from Trolls in the Stranglethorn Valley. You can also purchase these items from the auction house, although they can be quite expensive. Once you obtain all the aforementioned materials, you need to make the Essence of Exile from your charms, using Bath’rah’s Cauldron located right in front of his throne. 

After depositing the Essence, the Liferoot, and the Tusks, Bath’rah will walk to the right side of his throne and summon the Elite level 40 Cycolian. We strongly recommend taking a friend or a fellow warrior along for this battle, if you are level 38 and below, as the wind lord will not take any noticeable damage from you, regardless of the efficiency of your build.


Achieving a triumphant victory against the Cyclonian will grant you the Whirlwind Heart which must be given to Bath’rah to choose one of three items such as:

Two-handed Whirlwind Axe

  • Damage: 102 - 154

  • Damage per Second: 35.6

  • Speed: 3.60

  • Strength: +15

  • Stamina: +14

Two-handed Whirlwind Sword

  • Damage: 82 - 124

  • Damage per Second: 35.5

  • Speed: 2.90

  • Strength: +15

  • Stamina: +14

Two-handed Whirlwind Warhammer

  • Damage: 97 -146

  • Damage per Second: 35.7

  • Speed: 3.40

  • Strength: +15

  • Stamina: +14

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