Here’s How You Can Disable Those Pesky Turrets in Starfield

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here’s How You Can Disable Those Pesky Turrets in Starfield</p></div>
Here’s How You Can Disable Those Pesky Turrets in Starfield


Turrets in Starfield can deal massive damage to your health pool so be very cautious when you’re around them.
The game offers different approaches when it comes to dealing with these sentries.

As you embark on your space journey through Starfield, you will come across several friends and foes along the way. One such foe is the Turret which will constantly bombard you with bullets, lasers, etc. The game seems to have an affinity to turrets and they will relentlessly target you which can get pretty annoying. Fortunately, there are different approaches you can take to get rid of these metal contraptions. Let’s take a look at them.

Disabling Starfield’s Turrets

 As mentioned above, Starfield provides players with different approaches to deal with the turrets that somehow seem to rapidly drain your health pool. Fortunately, these methods are pretty straightforward and intuitive. You can choose to either disable, hack, or destroy them.

Once you’ve observed the turret’s line of sight, you have to navigate to its control console, which is typically near the sentry itself. Power up the computer and select the Deactivate unit option. This will immediately disable these infuriating foes and allow you to continue your mission in peace.

If you prefer to take the stealth approach or if you are simply feeling sly, you can also choose to hack them by following the same initial method. What differs this time is that you need to select the Update Friend/Foe option which permits you to reprogram and target the turret towards your enemies. This will certainly make for a rewarding experience as you see your foes fear and run away from the very thing that was defending them until that point.

There’s also the ultimate approach of direct confrontation.  If you’ve grown sick of these things and your only goal in mind is to obliterate them, Starfield has got you covered, offering an array of weapons that lets you shoot lasers, energy rifles, and ballistic weapons of your choice. You might also want to stack up on medkits considering the fact that these metal machines can deal quite the damage, drastically reducing your HP.

Which Approach Is the Most Effective?

 Starfield offers players a myriad of choices that produce different outcomes and progresses the game in a different path, offering a dynamic RPG experience. Essentially, the game does not dictate the choices you would like to make, as there is no right or wrong approach to different things. 

However, if we are considering this specific situation you might want to take the stealth approach as it allows you to deal damage and get past areas without utilizing any of your resources.

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