Here’s How You Can Craft Beds in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Craft Beds in Palworld

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Palworld allows players to craft beds for their character as well as their Pals, provided they meet certain requirements.
While sleeping restores HP for the player, it also helps their Pals recover from stress and exhaustion.
Players can only place their bed in indoor surroundings while the Straw Pal Bed can be placed even outdoors.

Palworld has numerous survival and crafting elements built into its massive open world to keep players entertained for hours on end. However, your adventures for the day must unfortunately come to an end, due to the game’s dedicated day and night cycles. Similar to other survival games, Palworld also lets you build your own bed to relax at the end of the day. Before you can build yourself a resting place, there are certain prerequisites you need to meet and that’s exactly what this guide will help you with. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out how you can craft your own bed in Palworld.

How to Craft a Bed for You and Your Pal in Palworld?

Before you begin building your very own bed in Palworld, you need to meet certain prerequisites. The first one is that you cannot craft and place a bed out in the open, which is a logical decision made by the devs, as placing your chambers outdoors can be quite risky.

In order to place a bed, you first need access to craft a Shoddy Bed and the Wooden Structure Set from the Technology Menu. We recommend that you stock up on wood as they are the basis to build anything from the set. Once you have an abundance of wood, begin by placing the Wooden Foundation and all of its surrounding wooden structures to build yourself a tiny home. You can also let your imagination run free and build a much bigger base as you progress through the game.

Once it is done, you need to build yourself a Shoddy Bed which requires the following items:

  • X20 Wood

  • X5 Fiber

  • X1 Wool

Although you can place the crafted bed onto a Wooden Foundation, you will need to complete your structure with a roof to actually sleep in it. Apart from crafting a bed for your character, the game will also let you do the same for your Pals at the base. While sleeping at night restores HP for the player, Pals will also recover in other ways while they sleep.

If your Pals are overworked, they can easily become stressed which will result in them losing their sanity and getting themselves injured or even refusing to work at all. To counter this, you must build a Straw Pal Bed for them. Unlike your bed which must be placed indoors, the Straw Pal bed can be placed anywhere in the open and it will require the following items:

  • X10 Wood

  • X5 Fiber

Make sure your Pals are well rested and keep switching them up occasionally to avoid getting them exhausted. The game maintains a level of realism when it comes to the relationship between the player and their Pals and disregarding your pets can even result in them dying from being overworked and stressed out.

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