Here’s How You Can Cook a Bitter Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Here’s How You Can Cook a Bitter Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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As part of the Blueberry Quests (BBQs), players will be tasked with creating a Bitter Sandwich that will provide certain buffs to their Pokemon.
Making a Bitter Sandwich requires you to add tart ingredients to your bread, most of which are relatively cheap to obtain.
You can purchase these ingredients through vending machines, stores in Paldea’s Town, or even in the Central Plaza.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet contain various ingredients that you can use to cook numerous recipes that will provide certain buffs to you and your lineup of Pokemon. While most players opt to cook 4-star sandwiches, you will be tasked with a specific mission from Blueberry Academy to make a Bitter Sandwich and the game doesn’t exactly guide you with the right ingredients to cook one. Worry not as this guide will help you efficiently complete this Blueberry Quest.

How to Make a Bitter Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Once you begin this quest, you must now begin searching for ingredients that add bitterness to your sandwich. While you can easily complete this quest by using the Bitter Herba Mystica (acquired from Tera raids as a reward), we strongly advise you to save them for 4-star sandwiches and not waste a premium ingredient to complete a relatively simple mission.

The required ingredients can be purchased from any one of the vending machines spread across Rest Stops, stores in Paldea’s Tiown, or even in Central Plaza. These are all the ingredients that can be added to make a bitter sandwich:

  • Basil

  • Olive Oil

  • Cucumber

  • Lettuce

  • Fried Fillet

  • Smoked Fillet

  • Yellow Bell Pepper

  • Green Bell Pepper

  • Red Bell Pepper

While all of these ingredients do make a Bitter sandwich, the cheapest way to make one would be to use Cucumbers and Olive Oil.  One Cucumber will cost 130 Pokemon coins while Olive Oil can be purchased for 300 coins. They are generally found in Aquestia Supermarket in Levincia.

placing items

Once you have gathered the ingredients, all you need to do is place them on your sandwich bread, and for that, you need to set up a picnic spot in a field, interact with the table, and create a custom sandwich. Select the aforementioned ingredients from the “create your own sandwich” menu and place at least 3 cucumbers. You can also choose to add the other ingredients mentioned above to make it even more bitter.

That is pretty much all it takes to make a Bitter Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Upon completing this quest you might see a buff to powers like Item Drop, Encounter Power, and Catching Power. Check out our other guides if you need more help with your Pokemon adventures.

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