Here's How You Can Complete Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past Quest

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Here's How You Can Complete Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past Quest


Echoes of the Past is one of the brand-new quests introduced in the latest Fallout 4 update, and can be quite challenging to complete.
Are you wondering how to complete Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past quest? Here's a guide to help you through this questline!

Fallout 4's latest update has introduced a brand-new questline in the game called "Echoes of the Past." In this quest, players must navigate the Glowing Sea and breach hidden Enclave outposts to get their hands on some of the best rewards in the game. However, completing this questline can prove to be quite tricky, especially if you're someone new to the Fallout games. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Let's take a look at how you can complete Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past quest. 

How Can You Complete Fallout 4 Echoes of Past Questline?

To begin Echoes of the Past questline, you should have an existing character in the game that is at quite a high level. Once you've installed the update, you'll automatically receive the quest in your quest log. However, if you're a new player, you must go through the main storyline until the quest is given to you.

The first mission of this quest requires you to investigate a missing caravan's last known location. You have to track the quest marker to the northeast corner of the map, where you'll come across some blood splattered on the ground. Interact with the blood, and you'll be asked to follow to locate the Enclave camp. Get ready for a battle against Enclave soldiers.

1. Access Terminal 

After defeating the soldiers, you'll receive a prompt to access a camp terminal to learn more about the Enclave. Once you're in the terminal, look for the "Orders" option and select it to get all the information you need. 

You must find the Enclave colonel hiding in the Glowing Sea. Before you head out there, make sure to stack up RadX, RadAway, and some decent weaponry. We also recommend wearing Power Armor.

Here's How You Can Complete Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past Quest

2. Track the Enclave in The Glowing Sea

Once you've made it to Glowing Sea's outskirts, switch to Enclave Homing Beacon station on your Pip-Boy's radio.

To progress through this dangerous environment, you must go after the signal by heading towards the direction that increases the percentage located in the top-left corner of your screen. Do this, and you'll eventually reach the Enclave's Atlantic office. However, be prepared for a big fight on your arrival, as you'll face Enclave soldiers with Tesla Cannon. 

Here's How You Can Complete Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past Quest

3. Defeat the Enclave Colonel

After you've arrived at the Atlantic Offices, you must head through the rooms and corridors and finish off any Enclave soldiers who attempt to stop you. Your goal is to find and fight the Enclave Colonel. To engage the Colonel in a fight, make sure to use your best weapons. Once you've eliminated the Colonel, search the remains and find the Enclave Terminal Password.

Now, find any terminal nearby and put in the password you've acquired. Select the "End the Lockdown" option to complete the main objective of the questline. 

Here's How You Can Complete Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past Quest

4. Optional Missions

Before you exit the Atlantic Offices, you can try pursuing optional tasks within the terminal. If you access the entries for Eastern, Western, and Southern Enclaves, you can find the location of these additional outposts. Although they're not needed to complete the main quest, getting rid of these encampments can allow you to get Enclave-based rewards, boosting your settlements. 

All Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past Rewards

Once you've completed the Echoes of the Past questline, you'll get 399 XP. However, the best rewards are the ones you'll be able to loot during the mission. The Enclave's powerful armor and weapons are worth the effort required for this quest, especially for weapons such as the Incinerator. It's a fun mission to take on if you love the lore of the Fallout franchise, as the Enclave has always played a significant role in the narrative. 

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