Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Defeat the Primal Lord in AFK Journey


Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Defeat the Primal Lord in AFK Journey

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The Primal Lord is a server boss found in the southeastern part of Dark Forest 5.
Defeating the Lone Gaze will grant you individual, server-wide, and rank-based rewards, which include items like Training Manual, Diamonds, Feral Rage, Twilight Essence, Gold, and more.
The amount of Server rewards received directly depends on how many days it took to defeat the boss.

As you traverse through the Dark Forest, you will encounter numerous deadly foes that take skill and strategic planning to defeat. One such deadly boss is the Primal Lord, equipped with a massive health bar and the ability to summon mists and wolf packs to surprise players. 

While it might sound like a daunting battle, you need to know that this wolf king is a server boss requiring the collective efforts of all players to deal damage and take him down eventually. Upon defeat, this boss will drop numerous lucrative rewards for all players who have joined the fight. Without further ado, here are the best team compositions and strategies to take down the Primal Lord in AFK Journey.

Defeating the Primal Lord in AFK Journey: Best Strategies and Heroes

Before we get into the best Heroes for this battle, you need to be aware of where you can find the Lone Gaze within the game. All you need to do is reach the southeastern part of Dark Forest 5. Walking into the region will reveal the Battle logo and you can begin your fight. Unlike Dream Realm bosses, you need to reach the summon area of the Primal Lord to encounter it.

Primal Lord

Similar to other adversaries, the Primal Lord is equipped with three skill-based attacks and one ultimate to unleash upon players. These are:

  • Skill 1: Attacks the furthest target from its tile. Spawns spectral wolves to target and attack the farthest targets when the area is enshrouded with the mist.

  • Skill 2: Deals twice the damage to enemies within one tile arc. Its following attack now deals regular damage rates to enemies within one time but with an interruption status effect.

  • Skill 3: Its stats are boosted when defeating a non-summoned target.

  • Ultimate: Primal Lord is frequently surrounded by mists, summoning packs of wolves to enemies who are also enshrouded. The boss can also dodge attacks while the mist is active.

Best Hero Composition to Deal with the Primal Lord in AFK Journey

Considering that the Primal lord is a server boss, survivability is key when battling it, thus negating any DPS builds, at least for this fight. Here are our recommended options:

  • Smoky and Meerky: Arguably the best support Hero in the game and a key member of every fight.

  • Koko: Her Full Energy skill grants damage reduction to your entire team for 12 seconds, making her the best support for this battle.

  • Odie: Odie is currently the best damage dealer that the game has to offer, thanks to his skill as a Marksman, his Poison abilities, and his potent Energy Recovery.

  • Cecia: Cecia is also right alongside Odie in terms of her ability to dish out massive damage on your enemies.

  • Thoran: Thoran still holds his position as one of the most potent Tank Heroes within the game, ensuring survivability over DPS. 

Hewynn is also a good substitute if you do not have Smoky and Meerky, considering her Rain Prayer grants AoE healing which further emphasizes survivability. Marilee is also a good replacement for Odie, provided she is at Mythic+. 

Rewards for Defeating the Primal Lord in AFK Journey

Defeating the Primal Lord will grant you three different types of rewards: 

Individual Rewards

The individual rewards are granted depending on your performance against the Lone Gaze. These include Training Manuals, Gold, and Essence.

Server-wide Rewards

 The server-based rewards are provided after the boss is defeated. The amount of Server rewards received directly depends on how many days it took to defeat the boss. These include items and resources like Diamonds, Equipment Chests, Soulstone, Singular Title, and Invite Letters.

Ranking-based Rewards

Ranking rewards are granted to players who deal the most damage to the Primal Lord in one single attempt. Ranks 1 to 20 will receive 10 Twilight Essence, Feral Rage, special Singular Titles, and their names marked on the Eternal Inscription. Payers who ranked between 21 to 200 will receive the Twilight Essence and Feral Rage, although in decreasing amounts.

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