Here Are All the Ways You Can Restore Your Health in Dragon’s Dogma 2


Here Are All the Ways You Can Restore Your Health in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers numerous consumables like food items, potions, elixirs, and more to restore the HP of your Arisen.
Recruiting a Mage as one of your Pawns is also a worthy investment, as you can use their abilities to easily heal yourself mid-combat.
You can also rest at the Hot Springs in Agamen Volcanic Island to restore your health till the gray marker.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 (DD2) encompasses several complex mechanics and systems to provide an immersive ARPG experience for its players. If this is your first entry into Dragon’s Dogma, combat can be quite a challenging ordeal, as numerous monsters are spread across its massive open world.

While most common creatures like Wolves, Goblins, and Skeletons are relatively easier to deal with, large foes like Golems, Chimeras, and Minotaurs can easily destroy your health bar in seconds. Thankfully, the game offers numerous ways to heal yourself both mid and post-battle. Here's everything you need to know about rejuvenating your health in DD2.

How Does the Health System Work in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers numerous ways for players to rejuvenate the HP of both the Arisen and their Pawns. To fully understand the healing system, you need to understand how the health bar works in the game. As you already know, your Arisen’s total health is represented by the Green bar at the bottom of your screen, right above the Stamina meter. Your Pawns and other NPCs on the other hand will have their gauges right above their heads.

HP bar

When you fail to dodge or counter oncoming attacks, you take damage and a portion of your Health bar turns Black, indicating a drop in your overall HP. While this is common across most games, Dragon’s Dogma 2 introduces a Gray marker over your health bar, which signifies that players are only allowed to heal themselves to that specific point.

Furthermore, your max HP will also drop if your Pawns die in the middle of a battle and you revive them. This also occurs if your Arisen gets killed and you respawn at the last saved manual save or autosave points without using a Wakestone to revive yourself.

All Possible Ways to Heal Yourself in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Thankfully, as complex as the Healing system sounds, the game showcases curative items that can restore your health. Like most RPGs, players can heal themselves by consuming food such as Fruits, Fish, Dried Meat, etc. However, they can only restore a small amount of HP and you need to enhance them by combining them with other resources.

Players can create flasks of potions such as the Salubrious Draught, by combining Syrupwort Leaf or Greenwarish with fruits to use as healing potions. You can also use elixirs like Allheal and Panacea, which will help you restore health, with the former replenishing your HP to its maximum limit, getting rid of the gray marker.


If you happen to recruit a Mage as one of your Pawns, you can also use their core skill Anodyne, which will cast a magical aura that heals you for several seconds if you walk through it. They might also possess the Argent Succor weapon skill, which gradually heals a single target. 

rest at an Inn

Additionally, both your Arisen and Pawns can rest at an Inn spread across Vermund, Battahl, and its surrounding regions to fully replenish your health bar to green. Although you need to spend Gold for your stay, it also comes with the added option of checking your inventory and swapping out unnecessary items and weapons.

While resting can also be done at Campsites, you are in danger of being attacked at night, with one of its after-effects being the destruction of your Camping Kit. However, this can be reduced if you possess a high-quality kit.

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