Here Are All the Status Effects in Lies of P

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Here Are All the Status Effects in Lies of P


Status effects are temporary yet significant nerfs made to Pinocchio that can have a huge impact while fighting challenging enemies.
Lies of P is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, macOS, and Windows.

The latest Souls-like RPG from Neowiz Studios has overjoyed several fans who are into the genre. The game contains several elements from typical souls-like games such as complex boss designs, comprehensive fighting mechanics, etc. In a game like this, it is very common to take various amounts of damage from ruthless enemies. Each of these attacks will inflict different status effects, depending on the type of enemy. Let’s take a look at all of them.

Various Status Effects in Lies of P

The game contains seven different types of status effects such as:

1. Overheating: This is caused by taking too much fire damage in a short time, where your health with slowly be drained once the Overheat bar is filled. During this time you will also have slow Guard Regain recovery which can play a crucial role when it comes to increasing your survivability.

2. Shock: This effect directly impacts Pinocchio’s Stamina recovery rates. During this time you will be vulnerable to additional damage which means you will be limited in terms of executing different attacks and also while dodging hits from enemies.

3. Electric Shock: Not to be confused with the other Shock effect, this one will deal devastating Electric Blitz damage leaving you with a draining health bar and your Fable meter, which means you will have to wait a bit longer to charge up your weapon’s special attributes. This significantly limits your attack options during combat.

4. Decay: This status effect comes to life when you too too much acid damage in a short time frame. This effect will drastically impact your weapon’s durability which means your damage rates will decrease until the weapon is fixed. You can use a Grindstone to repair your equipment if you find this to be a frequent occurrence.

5. Corruption: This is the equivalent of a simple poison effect on your character. Pinocchio slowly loses his health until the effect wears off as he steps away from the corrupted water. However, this is something you can easily avoid in the game by simply finding an alternate path to walk. There might be a few instances where it is unavoidable and thankfully, it does not cause an immediate concern, and having a few Pulse Cells at your disposal would immediately bring your health back up.

6. Disruption: This is perhaps the most overwhelming effect in the game, as you will face an instantaneous death once the Disruption bar fills up. It can be pretty brutal as you will have no other option other than to retaliate from it.

7. Break: This can be one of the most irritating status effects present in the game as it directly targets the Pulse Cells required for healing. Once you are under its effect, it will significantly decrease the amount of health you gain back. If you find yourself in clutch situations where your health is low, this effect will surely get to your head.

How Do You Get Rid of Status Effects in Lies of P?

Although these effects fade away with time, you might find yourself getting sick of dealing with them. Fortunately, the game offers you in-game items that will instantly remove them. These are the elixirs called Attribute Purification Ampoule and a Special Purification Ampoule. The former removes Overheat, Electric Shock, Decay, and Corruption while the latter removes Shock, Break, and Disruption.

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