Here Are All the Highlights From Nintendo Direct’s September Showcase


Here Are All the Highlights From Nintendo Direct’s September Showcase

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September’s Nintendo Direct showcased various remastered versions of the studio’s classic titles.
Notable mentions include Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Unicorn Overlord, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, Another Code: Recollection, and more.

The Nintendo Direct event that happened yesterday unveiled several enticing titles that have delighted numerous fans of the studio. The event showcased a variety of games, some of which were reboots and remastered versions of well-known titles from the studio’s stables such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Super Mario RPG etc. The show lasted 42 minutes showcasing gameplay and reveal trailers of these games. Let’s dive right in and take a look at all of the highlights.

All Major Announcements Made in September’s Nintendo Direct

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door HD Will Be Released in 2024

Initially released for the Nintendo Game Cube back in 2004, this role-playing game follows Mario and Princess Peach on their quest to find a mystic treasure that holds great fortune. Mario has to save the Princess as she gets kidnapped by an alien group called X-Nauts. This Drawing-based art-style game features improved graphics and a turn-based system where every move matters.

F-ZERO99 Is an Enthralling 99-player Racing Battle Royale

This new racing title is based on the very first F-Zero game released back in 1990 for the S-NES. It features arcade-style graphics where you battle it out for first place among 98 other players. The game is available now for free, provided you have an active Nintendo Switch online subscription

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Will Be Out During Summer 2024

Luigi’s Mansion 2 was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS in the March of 2013. The plot follows Luigi’s exploration through mansions in Evershade Valley to restore its peace by capturing ghosts and collecting fragments of Dark Moon. He ultimately has to deal with King Boo who is the main villain of the game. The game will also feature various multiplayer modes

Princess Peach: Showtime! Allows You to Transform Into Seven Different Versions of Peach

As the name suggests Princess Peach: Showtime! is a spin-off game from the Mario franchise featuring Peach as the only main character. You get to transform into seven different versions of her such as Swordfighter Peach, Detective Peach, KungFu Peach, etc. The game is currently open for pre-orders and will be launched on 22nd March 2024.

Detective Pikachu Returns Gets a New Trailer Featuring Various Gameplay Elements

This new cinematic trailer of Detective Pikachu Returns showcases more than just Ryme City this time. It features gameplay where the abilities of different Pokemon come into play, to help the coffee-loving Pikachu and his pal Tim Goodman solve mysteries around the city and to also find Harry, Tim’s missing father. The game will be available from 6th October.

Square Enix Announces the Latest Entry to the SaGa Franchise

Saga Emerald Beyond features six leading characters with diverse backstories. The game lets you explore 17 distinct worlds and a new combat system to battle against monsters, mechs, vampires, and more. It also boasts the highest number of branching plots in the entire SaGa series. The game is set to arrive next year.

Those are pretty much all the main highlights of September’s Nintendo Direct. Check out the entire Nintendo Direct video here.

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