Here Are All the GTA+ Membership Bonuses for November 2023

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here Are All the GTA+ Membership Bonuses for November 2023</p></div>
Here Are All the GTA+ Membership Bonuses for November 2023


November’s GTA+ membership gives players access to a new vehicle called “Ocelot Pariah” which can be claimed from The Vinewood Car Club for free.
You also have access to 3 classic Rockstar titles such as GTA Trilogy, GTA Liberty City Stories, and GTA Chinatown Wars.
Make sure you claim your monthly rewards before they reset on 11th December.

The GTA+ Membership program by Rockstar is aimed at hardcore fans of the series who regularly enjoy playing GTA Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Apart from receiving monthly bonuses and additional benefits, you also get to play from a decency catalog of Rockstar titles at no additional cost.

For November, the devs are offering numerous free rewards apart from the usual monthly benefits which have gathered the attention of numerous players. Here are all the in-game items you will receive this month.

All GTA+ Rewards and Benefits for November 2023

Here is a list of all the free rewards and benefits available:

  • Ocelot Pariah, courtesy of The Vinewood Car Club

  • Access to The Vinewood Car Club

  • Warehouse in Davis

  • Chameleon Paint and Wheel Paints

  • Bleedin’ Tasty Hoodie and Shorts

  • Cluckin’ Bell Hoodie and Sweatpants

  • Exclusive Taxi Services

  • Access to The Gun Van

  • CEO / VIP Abilities

  • Member-only Shark Cards

  • Vehicle Requests

  • 500,000 in GTA Money

  • Access to GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition on Xbox and PlayStation

  • GTA: Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars on Android and iOS

Make sure to receive all of these goodies before the deals refresh again on 11th December.

You also get additional benefits for this month such as:

  • 20% chance of Diamonds in the Diamond Casino Heist

  • 40% off on Arcade Upgrades and Modifications

  • 50% off Super Yatch and Penthouse Modifications

  • Free Casino Penthouse Member Parties

Other Available Deals for GTA+ Members

With the introduction of The Vinewood Car Club, players can get a 20% discount on exquisite cars from their garage. Here are all the vehicles you can buy along with their discounted price:

  • Imponte Deluxo: $4,600,000

  • Pegassi Oppressor: $2,200,000

  • Benefactor Krieger: $2,300,000

  • Pfister Astron Custom: $1,395,608

  • Pegassi Weaponized Ignus: $3,619,152

  • Pegassi Torero: $798,400

  • Ocelot XA-21: $1,900,000

  • Truffade Thrax: $1,876,416

  • Overflod Entity XXR: $1,844,000

The Vinewood Car Club also lets you take these cars on a test drive or call to your location while you are on a joyride. You simply need to head to their location in Los Santos to check out their other cars.

Those are pretty much all the benefits and rewards you can receive for this month through the GTA+ membership. Make sure to claim all of them before 11th December when the monthly rewards refresh.

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