Helldivers 2 New Content: What to Expect in Future Content Updates


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Helldivers 2 New Content: What to Expect in Future Content Updates

Abhimannu Das
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Here is everything we know so far about future content updates for Helldivers 2.
We can expect new biomes, stratagems and the Illuminate faction.

Helldivers 2 released earlier this month and it is the sequel to the popular top-down shooter Helldivers. It builds upon the original's foundation of cooperative gameplay, challenging difficulty, and satirical humor, but in a third-person perspective. The game had a challenging start due to server issues preventing players from hopping in but things are finally stabilizing and the developers have given us a look at upcoming content.

What to Expect From Future Helldivers Content Updates

Biomes: The developers are likely to add new and diverse environments to explore, offering fresh challenges and strategic opportunities.

Weapons and Gear: Expanding your arsenal will be crucial for tackling tougher enemies and varied situations. Expect new weapons and gear to add to your tactical toolbox.

Stratagems: These tactical tools will see additions, allowing you to refine your strategies and approach objectives in new ways.

Enemies: The fight against the alien menace continues with the introduction of new enemy types, likely bringing unique abilities and forcing you to adapt your tactics.

While specifics beyond these categories haven't been announced, there are rumors and speculation surrounding the introduction of a new faction, the Illuminate. These technologically advanced aquatic beings could significantly shake up the gameplay with their unique mechanics and challenges.

What We Know About The Illuminate Faction

The "Illuminate" faction is not officially present in the base version of Helldivers 2. However, there are strong hints and rumors suggesting they might be introduced as a playable faction in a future update.

During gameplay, players might encounter a news broadcast on their Destroyer mentioning the Illuminate. This is considered a deliberate tease by the developers, hinting at their potential future inclusion.

The Illuminate were actually present in the original Helldivers game as an enemy faction known for their advanced technology and unique abilities like teleportation.

If introduced, the Illuminate are expected to be a playable faction offering a distinct gameplay experience compared to the existing ones. Their advanced technology could translate to unique weapons, abilities, and strategies for players to master.

It's important to note that this information is based on speculation and unofficial hints. The developers haven't officially confirmed the Illuminate's inclusion in Helldivers 2, so their arrival and specific details remain to be seen.

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