Hearthstone x WoW: Here's How You Can Get Fiery Hearthsteed Mount


Hearthstone x WoW: Here's How You Can Get Fiery Hearthsteed Mount

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From 11th March 2024 - 18th March 2024, World of Warcraft players can get free Hearthstone-inspired items.
Are you wondering how to get a Fiery Hearthsteed Mount in World of Warcraft? Here's a guide to help you!

Hearthstone is celebrating the game's tenth anniversary and spreading the cheer to World of Warcraft (WoW) players. This month, Hearthstone and WoW are partnering to reward players who play both titles with the Fiery Hearthtseed, a unique version of the flying Hearthsteed mount that debuted in WoW with a bang in 2014. In this guide, we'll reveal how to get the Fiery Hearthsteed Mount in WoW.

How to Get a Fiery Hearthsteed Mount in World of Warcraft?

The most popular and easy item players can now obtain is the Fiery hearthsteed Mount. This mount is a red version of the original Hearthsteed mount. 

Hearthstone x WoW: Here's How You Can Get Fiery Hearthsteed Mount

You can get Fiery Hearthsteed in WoW just like you got the original Hearthsteed back in 2014. All you need to do is log into Hearthstone between 11th March 2024 and 18th March 2024, and the Fiery Hearthsteed amount will be added to your collection in WoW. As long as you log into Hearthstone and come back to World of Warcraft during the dates mentioned above, you'll be able to receive a Fiery Hearthsteed mount. However, keep in mind that the mount won't be available for WoW Classic or WoW Season of Discovery players.

That's not all; between 11th and 18th March, you can take part in Hearthstone duels across WoW's capital Cities. If you duel these NPCs, you'll gain exclusive rewards, including special minion cards, waiting for you to log back into Hearthstone. 

How to Complete Hearthstone Quests in World of Warcraft?

When you log into World of Warcraft during the event, you'll receive an in-game message from MC Farala. This will present you with the Hearthstone invitation letter, which will begin the quest "It's Hearthstone's Anniversary!". To complete this quest, you must head to Valdrakken and talk to MC Farala.

Once you complete the first quest, you’ll be presented with the "Play Hearthstone!" quest. To finish this quest, you must play 5 Hearthstone or use the Hearthstone Wild card near one of the Hearthstone game tables.

That's everything you need to know about getting Hearthsteed Mount in World of Warcraft. For more guides, check out how you can get Mageweave in World of Warcraft

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