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Hades II Technical Test: How To Sign Up

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The early access launch of Hades II is set to follow once the technical test is complete.
While Supergiant Games streamed its technical test for Hades II, it noted that it is still taking in players for the technical test.

Hades II, the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Hades, is set to enter early access in the second quarter of 2024. This news came after months of speculation and excitement among fans eager to delve into the underworld once again. Hades II's technical test recently took place on 17th April and the gameplay that was streamed impressed the playerbase. In a blog, Supergiant Games said, "We're getting close to launching Hades II in Early Access! As noted in our latest Development Update, a key step prior to that is our Hades II Technical Test."

While the Technical Test is already done, the publisher said it is still accepting players for the test via the Steam sign-up. Here's how you sign up for the Hades II Technical Test.

Hades II Technical Test: All You Need To Know

On 17th April, Supergiant Games on Twitter said, "Thanks everyone for tuning into our Hades II Technical Test live stream!🌒 We have the VOD available here if you can't wait to see the game before Early Access: https://youtu.be/XucgtuFqIec?t=433. We're still taking sign-ups for the Technical Test over on our Hades II page on Steam."

Hades II Technical Test

The publisher noted that it is conducting the Technical Test prior to the Early Access launch to identify and solve any tech issues that it might have missed thus far. This will eventually ensure that Hades II in early access is a smooth experience for all. Supergiant Games said, "The Technical Test contains much less content than what's in store for the Early Access launch, and may be available only to a relatively small subset of players who express interest in participating."

How To Sign Up for Hades II Technical Test

Supergiant Games is using the Steam Playtest to run the Hades II Technical Test. If players want to be considered for participation, they can sign up by simply heading to the Hades II Steam page, and clicking the button that says 'Request Access'.

Only a subset of players who request access will be invited to participate via an email from Steam with download instructions. However, the publisher hopes to grow the population over time and thus those who do not get invited right now, could be invited at a later date.

Supergiant Games explained, "Our process boils down to: invite some players, fix any problems they run into, invite more players, and so on. Once we're sufficiently confident that things are stable, we'll wind down the Technical Test, then launch in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store relatively soon after."

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