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GTA Online: All Jack O' Lantern Locations & Rewards 2023

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GTA Online Halloween Event 2023 kicked off and brings various rewards, cosmetics, and activities for players to dive into.
If you want to find all Jack O' Lantern locations in GTA Online, here is our guide to help you.

The spooky season is in full swing in Los Santos, and players can now find Jack O’ Lanterns in Grand Theft Auto (GTA Online) until 2nd November 2023. While it might sound horrible that there are 200 GTA Online pumpkin locations to go over, you just need to collect ten each day.  

Wondering where to find Jack O’ Lanterns? We’ve got you covered. Here are all the GTA Online Jack O’ Lanterns locations and the rewards for finding them.

GTA Online: All Jack O’ Lanterns Locations

The Pumpkins reset each day, which means if you find a set of ten pumpkins in close proximity, you can visit the same area each day to grab them. You’ll be able to earn a massive sum of cash plus a few extras easily. Obviously, getting 200 pumpkins in a single day is a lot of work. Don’t worry, though, here’s are all GTA Online Jack O’ Lantern Locations –

 Jack O’ Lanterns Locations in GTA Online
 Jack O’ Lanterns Locations in GTA Online

Keep in mind that Jack O’ Lanterns are pretty small, so you might need to take a good look around the location to find them. Once you do, though, you’ll know where to look for them the next day and be prepared to grab those daily rewards. 

GTA Online: Rewards for Collecting Jack O’ Lanterns 

Now that you know where to find Jack O’ Lanterns in GTA Online, you’re probably wondering what the rewards are.

When you collect ten Jack O’ Lanterns in GTA online, you will get a reward of $50,000 cash. Additionally, finding a Jack O’ Lantern will get you a random Trick or Treat effect. 

Some of these Trick effects include Shock, Stone, Explosion, and Energy Pulse. Likewise, these are the Treats: Snacks, Cash, 1k RP, Health and Armor, or some random Peyote hallucination. 

If you find ten Jack O’ Lanterns in a day, you will also get the Horror Pumpkin Mask in GTA Online but if you manage to find all 200 Jack O’ Lanterns, you will unlock the exclusive ‘Pumpkin Tee.’

Unfortunately, like we’ve said earlier, the pumpkins reset every day, meaning you need to find 200 Jack O’ Lanterns in a single day to unlock the Pumpkin Tee. 

And that’s everything you need to know about GTA Online Jack O’ Lantern locations. Be sure to follow us as we’ll update you with the latest GTA Online news and guides.

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