GTA Online: All Possessed Animals Locations

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Possessed Animals Locations in GTA Online


GTA Online Halloween 2023 has kicked off and comes with various rewards, cosmetics, and activities for players to dive into.
If you want to find all Possessed Animals in GTA Online Halloween 2023, here's our guide to help you

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s changing so much for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online! With the Halloween 2023 Event running through 31st October 2023, players have many new facets to explore in this period. Whether it’s the returning UFO sightseeing or the new Ghosts Exposed hunt, Rockstar Games is all ready to celebrate the spooky season. 

With this year’s Halloween celebrations comes a new random event, The Possessed Animals. Players can now encounter wild beasts on the streets of Los Santos. If you’re wondering where to find such animals, we’ve prepared a list of all Possessed Animals Locations in GTA Online. 

GTA Online: All Possessed Animal Locations

Possessed Animals are now available to find in GTA Online. Rockstar Games has decided to add five different types of possessed animals that may appear at various different locations. Normally, animals do not spawn in this game. Possessed Animals are supernatural beings and can attack players. Here’s a map to help you find all Possessed Animals Locations in GTA Online –

Possessed Animals Locations in GTA Online

In the map above, you can see several colored dots that represent the following Possessed Animals – 

  1. Red – Boars

  2. Blue – Pugs

  3. Dark Yellow/Green – Coyotes

  4. Green – Deers

  5. Orange – Cougars 

You might have noticed already, but most of the Possessed Animals tend to spawn in the game’s northern half near the rural parts of the map. You’ll come across a few pugs, coyotes, and cougars in Los Santos and its vicinity.

GTA Online: How to Trigger Possessed Animals?

It’s quite simple to trigger possessed animals in GTA online, but you must meet certain conditions in an online session before doing so – 

  1. You must be in Free Roam mode and not inside a property or building.

  2. You must complete 16 minutes of real-life time after entering a lobby.

  3. You must be on foot in Los Santos or Blaine Country. If you enter any vehicle, the event will be canceled.

  4. You must be present at all the possessed animal locations.

After you’ve fulfilled these conditions, spooky animals will start to appear. You might find them quite normal-looking at first, but they’ll instantly attack you upon approaching. The furs of these Possessed Animals will turn black, and several wounds or blood spots will appear on their bodies. You’ll see their eyes glowing red. 

It’s important to remember that these animals have high health, and they’re not going down with just a few explosions. 

While you may not get a reward for eliminating these animals, it’s fun to takedown these Possessed Animals with your friends in GTA Online. 

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