GTA Online: All Ghosts Exposed Locations

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Ghosts Exposed Locations


GTA Online Ghosts Exposed event has kicked off and comes with various rewards and activities for players to dive into.
If you want to find all the ghosts in the GTA Online Ghosts Exposed event, here's our guide to help you.

We know for a fact that if a real holiday comes around, Rockstar Games will go pretty hard to celebrate it in Grand Theft Auto (GTA)Online. When it comes to Halloween, though, things get scarier. For a paranormal experience this season, GTA Online has rolled out a special event called Ghosts Exposed, a set of missions with big cash rewards. 

So, if you’re looking for some spooky Halloween quests to complete in GTA Online, prepare yourself to capture some ghosts. Wondering where to find these ghosts? We’ve prepared a list of all Ghosts Exposed locations in GTA Online. 

GTA Online: What is Ghosts Exposed Event?

So, what exactly is the Ghost Exposed event? In short, it’s a new Halloween 2023 event that lets players embark on ghost hunting. During the event, you must snap photos of ten ghosts that appear at specific times around Blaine Country. 

Players can also find Johnny Klebitz’s Ghost! He’s a character from GTA V, adding to the lore of the Grand Theft Auto V Universe. Players will be rewarded with cash and a special Halloween-themed item for participating in the event.

GTA Online: Where to Find Ghosts in GTA Online Ghost Exposed Event?

The Ghost Hunting event is similar to previous things we’ve seen in the game, and there’s a time limit to it. 

Each Ghost will only be around for an hour of in-game time. So, you have two minutes to find each one. If you’re looking to knock the ten off in one go, you can do it with an Oppressor. 

Here’s a map to help you find all Ghost Exposed Locations in GTA Online –

Ghosts Exposed Locations

GTA Online: All Ghosts Exposed Rewards

After you’ve spotted each Ghost, simply take a photo of them, and they’ll disappear, and you’ll get the Ghosts Exposed message on-screen. 

Each captured Ghost will reward you with $20,000 and 500 RP. If you collect all ten ghosts, you’ll get an additional $50,000, making the total rewards for this event $250,000 and 5,000 RP. Additionally, you’ll also get a Ghostbusters-themed livery for Albany Brigham. 

And that’s everything you need to know: Ghost Exposed locations in GTA Online. Be sure to follow us for the latest GTA online news and updates. 

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