Ghostrunner 2: All Trophies & Achievements

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Ghostrunner 2


Get ready for another action-packed adventure with the release of Ghostrunner 2 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on 26th October 2023.
Here is a list of all trophies and achievements you can unlock in Ghostrunner 2.

Developed by One More Level and 505 Games, Ghostrunner 2 features the return of cybernetic protagonist Jack the Ghostrunner as they tear through more hordes of robotic adversaries. The game features an exciting one-hit kill system, fast- respawn, and many new surprises. 

To make your journey through the world of Ghostrunner 2 even more thrilling, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all the trophies and achievements in Ghostrunner 2 that will challenge your gaming skills and immerse you in this cyberpunk dystopia. 

Ghostrunner 2

All Trophies and Achievements in Ghostrunner 2

Set in a world where the violent AI cult has collected outside Dharma Tower, the second iteration of Ghostrunner brings fast-paced and brutal katana combat from the first game with a fresh set of skills that allow you to approach takedowns more creatively.  

The list of achievements for Ghostrunner 2 is similar to the previous game, which requires players to collect various items and take out enemies using specific tactics. Some of the notable achievements include "The Old School Way," which tasks players to complete a level without blocking, and "Godrunner," which tasks players to complete five levels without dying.

There are 34 trophies to grab in Ghostrunner 2, including a platinum trophy on PlayStation. Here's a list of all the trophies in the sequel – 

If we're to follow the previous game, these trophies are difficult to get, and it would take most players around 30-40 hours to get them all. However, it all really comes down to your skills in this dystopia. Collectibles have also made a return, and there are plenty of miscellaneous challenges to keep players busy. 

All in all, this game's trophies are challenging, making the replays even more rewarding for those who want to master the blade. The original Ghostrunner game got a DLC, which added 11 new trophies and achievements for players to unlock, so we might see some more for the sequel in the future. 

 So, gear up, prepare for a slashing session, and get ready to collect trophies and achievements that will forever mark your success in the world of Ghostrunner 2. Be sure to follow us, as we'll keep you updated on the latest Ghostrunner 2 news and guides. 

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