Full List of Powerups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder


Full List of Powerups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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Here is a quick rundown of every single powerup that you can get in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
There are six powerups that you can obtain throughout the campaign and some of them have been added for the first time ever in a Mario title.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is out now and it is a return to the sidescrolling nature of the classic titles. It is the first traditional 2D side-scrolling Super Mario game since New Super Mario Bros. U (2012) and if critic and player reviews are anything to go by, the game has not disappointed. If you are looking for the best powerups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, here is a quick rundown of every powerup in the game and its effects.

How to get powerups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

The power-ups can be found throughout the game world, or purchased from the Poplin shops that are scattered throughout the game world. Power-ups can give you a variety of different benefits, such as increasing your damage output, survivability, or mobility.

Do note that not all characters can use powerups. There are certain characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder that take no damage at all but they are restricted from using powerups. 

List of powerups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mushroom: Makes the player larger and allows him to withstand an extra hit.

Fire Flower: Gives the player the ability to shoot fireballs.

Bubble Flower: Gives you the ability to shoot bubbles that can trap enemies.

Drill Mushroom: Allows you to burrow through the ground and even the ceiling at times to reach hidden areas.

Elephant Fruit: Gives you the ability to transform into a large elephant, which can stomp on enemies and break through obstacles.

Wonder Flower: Gives you the ability to use a variety of powerful attacks, such as a spinning hammer attack and a laser beam attack.

Some of the power-ups are new to Super Mario Bros. Wonder, such as the Bubble Flower and the Elephant Fruit. The Wonder Flower is a particularly powerful power-up that can be used to defeat enemies quickly and easily and it is something that you should keep an eye out for when you go through the dozens of stages in the game. 

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