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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: All Powerups and What They Do

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to redefine Mario's 2D adventures with a fresh set of power-ups and an array of exciting features.
With the Elephant, Bubble, Drill, and Fire Forms, along with other enhancements, players can look forward to a thrilling and innovative gaming experience when the title launches.
In this article, we'll explore the power-ups featured in Super Mario Bros. Wonder and how they will impact Mario's journey in the game.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is making waves in the gaming world with its long-awaited return to 2D platforming adventures. Among its many exciting features, the game introduces a variety of new and familiar power-ups that add depth and fun to Mario and friends' adventures. In this article, we'll explore these power-ups and their unique abilities, giving you a sneak peek into what to expect from this highly anticipated game.

All Powerups in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Elephant Fruit

The Elephant Fruit is a standout newcomer in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Each playable character, not just Mario, can transform into an Elephant form using this power-up. In this form, players can:

  • Swing their trunks to attack enemies and break blocks.

  • Dash across wide gaps, enabling traversal over challenging terrain.

  • Store water in their trunks to solve puzzles and extinguish fires.

The versatility of the Elephant Fruit promises exciting gameplay possibilities, from combat to problem-solving.

Bubble Flower

The Bubble Flower introduces a playful twist to Mario's repertoire. When this power-up is utilized, Mario and his friends don pink and purple color schemes. Key abilities of the Bubble Flower include:

  • Emitting slow-moving bubbles that eliminate smaller enemies like Goombas, Koopas, and Dry Bones.

  • Allowing players to jump off the bubbles they create for an extra height boost.

  • Bubbles can navigate through terrain, making it easier to tackle hard-to-reach enemies.

The Bubble Flower's creative usage in both offense and mobility makes it a valuable addition to Mario's arsenal.

Drill Mushroom

Equipped with a hat-mounted drill, the Drill Mushroom empowers Mario and his companions in unique ways:

  • Protection from attacks from above or breaking hard surfaces from below.

  • Ability to burrow underground and traverse ceilings.

  • Ideal for avoiding enemies, navigating obstacles, and uncovering hidden areas.

The Drill Mushroom promises creative and strategic gameplay possibilities, ensuring players can adapt to various challenges.

Fire Flower

A beloved classic, the Fire Flower makes its return in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. With this iconic power-up, Mario can unleash fiery projectiles from his hands to vanquish foes. While its mechanics remain familiar, the Fire Flower's enduring appeal ensures it remains a fan favorite.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder doesn't stop at introducing these exciting power-ups. The game also features an Item Balloon, which allows players to carry an extra power-up or swap between power-ups as needed. Moreover, the game introduces new online features, a badge system reminiscent of older Paper Mario titles, a captivating story setup, and an expansive and interactive world map.

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