Fortnite Players Share Their Frustrations Over Odyssey Quest



Fortnite Players Share Their Frustrations Over Odyssey Quest

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The much-awaited Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 challenges have finally arrived and bring a range of quests for players to complete.
In a recent post on Reddit, Fortnite players are venting out their frustration against a specific Odyssey quest.

There's no doubt that Fortnite likes to make a big deal of their new seasons when they launch, and the upcoming Chapter 5 Season 2 is no different. To hype players for the upcoming Fortnite season, a new live event has been released that tasks players to shoot a Titan's hand to open Pandora's box. That's not all; we also have a special quest offering some rewards to those who complete it before the season ends. However, for some players in the community, the special quest hasn't hit the mark, and is proving to be 'tedious.'

Fortnite Slam Epic Games For ‘Tedious’ Odyssey Quest

The Odyssey quest that's being heavily criticized is the "Collect Mosaic Tiles." In this quest, players must collect increasing tiles to finish a mosaic and get exclusive rewards: a loading screen and back bling.

In a Reddit post titled "The definition of "tedious”, user Tomtrax voiced their frustration with the "Collect Mosaic Tiles" quest, and called it 'tedious'. the quest begins with players tasked with collecting 25 tiles, and the last stage forces players to gather 300. 

Other players jumped and shared their frustrations with the quest: "Yeah considering that you're just supposed to pick up these little pieces from doing things. Sometimes they drop from people. Sometimes they drop from chests. Sometimes they drop from breaking things. AND OTHER TIMES THEY JUST DONT DROP EVER"

That's not all, a lot of players faced frustrating bugs with the quest: "Is there a bug at all with the pieces? I find some sit waiting to be picked up, and others just disappear immediately - I don't know if these are counted”

Despite a large number of players sharing their frustration with the Odyssey quests, some players ended up enjoying the grind: “I found it fun but that’s mainly cuz it felt like doing a collectathon for me. I just spent games hitting weak points for pieces usually betting around 30-40 a match. I completed this the second day or so. Collecting the pieces felt like collecting Lego studs”

With Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2 right around the corner, there isn't much time to collect those tiles. However, a few players shared some tips to quickly finish the challenge "A tip It helped me going faster: Break the bounty signs. They have a lot of health and It usually give me between 3 and 7. Is not that much but yesterday I had 26 and today after 1-2 hours im at 287"

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