Fortnite Players Call For A Return This Forgotten Back Bling


Fortnite Players Call for a Return This Forgotten Back Bling

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Undoubtedly, cosmetics in Fortnite have come a long way since the game's first release in 2017. The game has become a massive pop-culture phenomenon featuring iconic skins and crossovers.
However, a few players in the community want a return of this cosmetic, which Epic Games has forgotten.

Whether it's through earning them in the Battle Pass or directly purchasing them in the item shop, long-time Fortnite players have accumulated an insane number of cosmetics. The Battle Royale has always been well known for its endless number of skins and crossovers. However, out of all the cosmetics, there's one that received a lot of hype in the past, only never to make a return to the game. That cosmetic is none other than the pet back blings. Pets were last seen in the game a few years ago, which has led to many fans on Fortnite's official subreddit asking for a return of this cosmetic item.

Fortnite Players Demand The Return of Pet Back Blings

Undoubtedly, the pet back blings were some of the best additions we saw in the OG days of Fortnite. These unique back blings reacted to the player's gameplay, and other players could also pet the cuddly creatures. However, Epic Games hasn’t brought these back to the game, which has frustrated many players in the community. 

In a Reddit post titled "Fortnite should bring pets back," one player claimed that Epic Games would make tons of money if pet back blings were reintroduced in the game. Many players agreed with the OP's post in the comments and said it'd be smart to do so. 

 "i would love a kit pet, with an alternate style for katt (the new crew pack skin)" one player wrote. Meanwhile, another said "I wanted Brian Griffin as a pet backbling tbh. Sitting on your back in a little throne thing, saying his famous lines"

Other players shared their views on Fortnite's state of cosmetics: "In general the cosmetics should simply improve. Seeing what Path of Exile does with their cosmetics makes me genuinely wonder why Fortnite's are still so basic. Pets were a step in the right direction, until they made the overpriced cat."

Although many players in the community want pets brought back to the Battle Royale, a lot of them are unsure about their return. A few players explained that pets and their designs and animations generally take more time to develop, and they aren't used due to their bulky look. Players complained that existing pets in the game are bugged, and developers need to "fix" them. 

While it's confirmed that the upcoming Fortnite season will be Greek-mythology-themed, it's still unknown if we're going to see a return of pets. However, there will surely be a lot of other new cosmetics that players can look forward to.

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