Fortnite OG Players Surprised That Players Are Purchasing This Skin


Fortnite OG Players Surprised That People Are Purchasing This Skin

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Fortnite has made a comeback by adding a whole heap of original cosmetic items with its OG Season update on November 2023.
However, one Fortnite player started a debate on a particular skin after they were surprised that there were players out there buying it for $15 USD.

There's no doubt that Fortnite is one of the most popular games of this generation. With its fast-paced gameplay and a never-ending roster of skins, players keep coming back!

The Fortnite Season OG has proven to be a major hit since it was released and smashed its player count record with over 44 million players in a single day. On the cosmetics side, Epic Games has decided to add and refresh various iconic skins in the Item Shop for players to reminisce and purchase. 

However, a returning Fortnite Skin has sparked controversy in the community after one player was questioned by other players for buying it. 

Why are Fortnite OG Players Buying This Skin? 

The Fortnite OG skin we're talking about is the 'Geometrik Outfit,' which first showed up in the game back in Chapter 2.

On Reddit, user r/imalonexc shared a screenshot of the Geometrick Outfit to r/FortniteBR and wondered why skins like these are being sold and who exactly is purchasing them, considering their awful look. 

He wasn't the only one bashing the Fortnite OG cosmetic; many players joined in and slammed the skin for its high price. However, there were many people who came to defend the skin and stated that it was one of their favorite cosmetic items in the game. 

A user commented: "Got it for my friend because he wanted it. I like it, and it's his main skin. Would love to know what kind of skins you'd consider "fire", since it seems that your opinion is the only one worth taking into consideration."

Another user said, "This was worth the vbucks I spent on it. I even got the gold style as a free style at some point. Can't exactly remember what that was for. Anyways, people can spend their money on Fortnite stuff however they want to, so don't judge us if we don't want a basic Aura skin or something."

It's not only the Fortnite OG items that are under fire by certain players. A lot of players are also complaining about the Drum Shotgun, which made its way back into the game with the new season.

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