Florida Joker Says He's Ready To Break GTA 6 Hacker Out of Prison

Florida Joker Threatens Rockstar, seeks his share for free publicity for GTA 6

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Florida Joker wants his share from GTA franchise for free publicity for GTA 6</p></div>
Florida Joker wants his share from GTA franchise for free publicity for GTA 6
Lawrence Sullivan, also known as the Florida Joker, once again threatened Rockstar Games.
He threatened to help break the hacker behind GTA 6 leaks out of the psychiatric ward and team up with him.

GTA 6 is hands down one of the most anticipated video games of all time. Its trailer sent waves across the gaming community when it premiered on 5th December 2023. While many were praising Rockstar Games, one particular individual stood out as they alleged that the publisher used their likeliness for a character shown in the short video trailer, without their permission.

Laurence Sullivan, also popularly known as the Florida Joker, first released a TikTok video complaining about Rockstar Games and seeking compensation.

Now, almost a month later, the Florida Joker has put out another daring statement, challenging Rockstar Games. He demanded compensation again and also threatened to break the hacker who leaked GTA 6 out of the psychiatric ward.

Here's what he said on his latest video.

Florida Joker Threatens To Hack Rockstar Games

The Florida Joker is once again the talk of the town in the GTA community. This time around, he posted another TiKTok video, threatening serious action against GTA 6 and Rockstar Games. Lawrence Sullivan not only demanded $10 Million USD from the publisher for the trouble he is undergoing due to Rockstar using his alleged likeliness and also for the free publicity he's done for the company over the last month.

In addition to this, he threatened to team up with the GTA 6 hacker who is currently in the psych ward. In his TikTok video, Sullivan aka the Florida Joker said, "You are not gonna lock me up. You ain’t gonna put me in no psych ward. Keep playing with me, I’ll go break that kid out of the psych ward right now, and show you the real joker. I’ll break that kid out of the psych ward, getting my laptop and we gonna hack your system again."

He noted that this was his final warning and that he keeps getting harassed wherever he goes. He claimed that he cannot eat in peace as people swarm around him, asking to take selfies. Interestingly, the IRL Joker also revealed that his birthday is on 11th January.

The Florida Joker, in the 51-second TikTok, said, "For a whole month, I be giving you all free publicity, free publicity. I want my money. My birthday is January 11. If you do not contact me three days after my birthday, I want $10 Million dollars. $10 Million for my suffering and pain, defamation of character. Stop playing with me.

It is to be noted that the "hacker" that the Florida Joker is mentioned is a kid named Arion Kurtaj who was responsible for GTA 6 leaks. He reportedly stole 90 clips of the hugely anticipated GTA 6. Kurtaj was later placed in a psychiatric facility after conviction.

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