Flipkart Big Billion Day: Best Deals on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch Consoles


Flipkart Big Billion Day: Best Deals on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch Consoles

Surya Kumar
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The Xbox One and the One S have gone out of stock considering that it has been evidently replaced by the newer Xbox Series S.
The PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch OLED have seen slight drops in its price
The Big Billion Day sale concludes on 15th October.

Flipkart’s annual Big Billion Day sales have amassed quite the following over the years and it continues to grow stronger in 2023 with great offers on a wide variety of products. Apart from Mobile Gaming, the website also provides a dedicated selection of consoles and games that will make a compelling purchase. Let’s dive right in and find some of the best deals on various consoles such as the PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, etc during this year’s sale.

Best Deals on Consoles for This Year’s Big Billion Day

Xbox One and Xbox Series S

Following similar trends, Flipkart also does not seem to sell the Xbox One or the One S. Considering the fact that the newer Xbox Series S also costs around the same price as the older console, it makes total sense that it has been made unavailable. You can pick up a brand-new 512 GB Series S for as low as INR 29,990 during this sale. However, The 1 TB black colored model would cost you upwards of INR 37,990.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X seems to have a 12% offer bringing the price down to INR 48,990. However, you can find the console at a similar price even before the sale begins. Buying the Xbox Series X seems like a worthwhile investment in 2023 as it has already amassed a colossal catalog of games, most of which will be available with a Game Pass subscription. However, if you wish to purchase physical versions of these games, the Big Billion Day sale has got you covered. You can purchase titles like the recently released Dead Island 2 at a discounted price of INR 3,299. Ubisoft is also selling its latest Watch Dogs title at a huge 63% discount offering it for INR 1,590. 

PlayStation 4

Considering the fact that this console is now almost a decade old, it is understandable that gamers are moving on from this platform to the newer generation PS5. You can find the PS4 1TB variant on sale for INR 34,900. However, being an older console also means that there are a ton of discounts on the price of the games on it. You can find Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales for just INR 1,599 and also pretty much own the entire uncharted series by paying INR 799 for the Nathan Drake Collection and INR 1,199 for the Legacy of Thieves collection.

PlayStation 5

The standard disc edition of the PlayStation 5 usually costs upwards of INR 50,000  but you can currently get the system for INR 44,990 at an 18% discount. Weirdly, the digital edition also seems to cost around the same price so make sure to avoid that. Considering the fact that the PS5 is backward compatible, you can also purchase several PS4 titles that will run flawlessly on this console. You will also find a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 limited edition bundle which is quite the looker, although it does not have any discounts and seems to retail at around INR  62,990.

Nintendo Switch OLED and Lite

Nintendo Switch OLED and Lite

Usually costing around INR 39,990, the Nintendo Switch OLED is available at a 21% discount at INR 31,490 for the black variant. The Nintendo Switch Lite, however, seems to be at a consistent price of INR 18,990 while the standard console is going for INR 29,990. You can also get Joy-Cons and other accessories at slightly cheaper prices.  This has been the same case with its games, as you can expect around a 20 to 30% discount for some of the popular titles like Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Super Mario Odyssey, etc.

Those are pretty much the best deals you can get from this year’s Big Billion Day. Be sure to make your purchases before Flipkart discards the offers on 15th October.

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