Best PC and Console Games You Need to Buy During the Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2023

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Best PC and Console Games You Need to Buy During the Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2023</p></div>
Best PC and Console Games You Need to Buy During the Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2023


There are several discounts on popular PlayStation games, most of them going for discounts of over 60%
You can also claim annual memberships for Xbox and Switch games at over 20% off.

One of India's biggest annual online festival sales, Flipkart Big Billion Days, is back again this year and people are storming to the site to explore some of the best deals and offers they can find. This humongous sale spans all categories of products and gaming is certainly a part of it.  Numerous titles are going for sale across several platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, so if you are looking for some of the best games to add to your catalog this October, we have the best deals you can find here. Let’s take a look!

Best Game Deals on Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale

Best PlayStation Games

Best PlayStation Games

This time, the sale encompasses several new titles as well as some classic titles for the PlayStation 4 and for the PlayStation 5. Do note that most of these games will run on the PS5 as well, due to backward compatibility.

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales is available for PS4 at 60% off for INR 1,599 instead of INR 3,999. The PS5 physical copy will cost you INR 1,799

  • God of War Ragnarok is available at a 40% discount for INR 2,399 instead of INR 3,999.

  • The PS4 Nathan Drake collection is available at 46% off for INR799 instead of INR 1,499

  • You can also get the Legacy of Thieves Collection at a 60% discount for INR 1,199

  • The Last of Us Part 1 remastered is also available at INR 2,999 instead of INR 4,999

  • If you are interested to embark in some platforming adventures you can also pick up Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart at a discounted of INR 1,899 rather than the usual price of INR 4,999

Best Xbox Games

Best Xbox Games

Xbox users can purchase several AAA tiles at heavily discounted prices with some of them going for less than a thousand rupees. Here are some worthy offers:

  •  If you still haven’t got your hands on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5, you can get the premium edition for INR 849 instead of the regular price of INR 2,999

  • Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion can also be picked up at 63% off for INR 1,590

  • If you’re looking forward to some classic Assassin’s Creed titles you can pick up the digital codes for AC Unity, Black Flag, and Syndicate for INR 599 instead of the regular price of INR 3,499 giving you a massive 82% discount

  • The recently released Dead Island 2 is also available for a slight discount at INR 3,299

  • You also get 22% off the annual Xbox Live Gold membership which now goes for INR 3,499

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Although the discounts for Switch titles are not as massive as PlayStation or Xbox Games, you can still find some popular titles for reasonable rates.

  • Super Mario Maker 2 is available at 26% off for INR 4,409 instead of the regular price of INR 5,999

  • Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy is now priced at INR 2,990 after receiving a 25% discount.

  • If you are on the lookout for casual Lego games, you can pick up Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 for INR 2,249 which is 62% off INR 5,999.

  • Zelda Tear’s of the Kingdom can be picked up at a 25% discount for INR 4,499 instead of its regular price of INR 5,999

  • There is also 28% off on Nintendo Switch’s 12-month Online membership; it now goes for INR 2,499 instead of INR 3,499

Best PC Games

Unfortunately, there aren’t many big discounts on PC games on the platform. Most of the games available are simply CD Keys and not physical copies of games. You can find keys for games like Spider-Man Remastered, Hogwarts Legacy, Resident Evil Village, etc. Make sure you buy these game codes from reliable retailers.

Those are pretty much all the games you have to look out for during this year’s Big Billion Day sale. You have another week to take advantage of these offers as they will all end on 15th October.

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