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Five Easy-To-Learn PC Games For Beginners In India

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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If you are new to video games and you are someone keen on playing on your computer, you should note that there are usually different genres and categories of video games. You also need to understand the basics of character and camera movement to pick up games. As a result, games that show you how to move and control the characters and abilities are good starting points. You should also decide whether you enjoy playing games all by yourself or with a friend. In any case, here we have five easy-to-learn PC games that you will love as a beginner.

Best Beginner Friendly Games To Play

Minecraft: Minecraft is probably the first game that was suggested to you when you decided to try your hand at video games. The game is fairly straightforward but it is complex in the sense that there is so much to do and explore.

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Luckily, the game has a thriving community of loyal fans and players who make it extremely easy and entertaining to learn the game. Minecraft is a game where you gather resources, survive the night and its creatures, and build awesome things.

Stardew Valley: Stardew Valley is a relaxing game that lets you do something simpler and more rewarding tasks such as farming, fishing, and tending to your farm animals.

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It is a charming farming simulation game where you manage your farm, create relationships with fellow villagers, and explore mines and caverns. While the game starts with a simple farm, the possibilities are nearly endless. Its pixel art style and open-ended gameplay make it a perfect pick for newcomers and experienced gamers alike.

Portal 1 & 2: Portal games are especially fun because you can even play them with a friend backseating you. It will also be a great choice if you enjoy solving puzzles and thinking on your feet.

The game also allows you time to get used to the different mechanics available. Also, the puzzles get complex over time and slowly ease players into difficult and mind-bending quests. Additionally, the writing and voiceovers are brilliant with the game’s primary antagonist GLADOS being one of the most iconic characters in PC game history.

Among Us: Among Us became a global sensation right around the time of the COVID-19 lockdown when we were all confined to our homes. This game is an entertaining, group video game that gets chaotic by the minute. The idea of the game is simple: find the impostor before they kill the crew members of the spaceship. You run around doing little tasks, and you try to dodge the killing blow and at emergency meetings, you vote to kick out one person who you think is the impostor. If you guessed right, you win, otherwise, there are just fewer crewmates for the impostor to get through.

Slime Rancher: Slime Rancher is a life-simulation and adventure game where you raise different types of slimes. You also tend to them and maintain them regularly. You harvest their valuable plorts which can then be sold in exchange for Newbucks. Players use this in-game currency to purchase upgrades to the rancher equipment or farm buildings. 

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