Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date, Pre-order Info and More


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date, Pre-order Info and More

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will exclusively release for PlayStation 5 on 29th February 2024.
The game comes in three different versions; Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be the second installment in the ongoing Final Fantasy VII remakes for the PlayStation 5. The game just received its announcement trailer during September’s State of Play. The plot of Rebirth follows the event of the Final Fantasy VII Remake that came out in 2020. The developer Square Enix aims to spice things up even more with this trilogy, as it seems to have expanded on the plot and gameplay elements drastically when compared to its 1997 version. Let’s take a look at everything that has been uncovered about the game so far.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date

The biggest highlight of September’s PlayStation State of Play has certainly got to be the announcement trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth which showcased a lot of the game’s lore and gameplay features. At the end of the trailer, we also got to see its launch date which is set to 29th February 2024. While FF VII Remake made its way to the PlayStation 4, Rebirth seems to be available exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

At the time of writing, there has been no official announcement or information about the game making its way to PC, although that decision would be welcomed by a huge number of PC gamers.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Pre-order Info

The game is currently available for pre-order on the official Square Enix Store. There are three editions on offer:

  • Standard Edition

  • Deluxe Edition

  • Collector’s Edition

The Standard Edition will cost you USD $69.99 / £69.99 / ₹5,819.00(Approx). It will offer you the Midgar Bangle Mk. II armor, a bracelet worn by travelers leaving Midgar.

The Deluxe Edition will cost you USD $99.99 / £99.99 / ₹8,313(Approx). These are its contents:


  • Art Book

  • Mini Soundtrack

  • SteelBook® Case

For hardcore fans of the series, the game also offers a Collector’s Edition which costs USD $349.99 / £349.99 / ₹29,102(Approx). It will provide you with several items such as:

  • All the contents of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Deluxe Edition

    Approx. 48cm / 19inch statue depicting the iconic antagonist Sephiroth in highly detailed sculpting. The wing can be detached.

  • Moogle Trio Summoning Materia (DLC)
    A summoning materia that can call "Moogle Trio" in the game.

  • Magic Pot Summoning Materia (DLC)
    A summoning materia that can call "Magic Pot" in the game.

  • Accessory: Reclaimant Choker (DLC)
    A choker with an effect of restoring HP when an enemy is defeated.

  • Armor: Orchid Bracelet (DLC)
    A bracelet that gives courage to traverse an expanding world.

  • Armor: Midgar Bangle Mk. II (DLC)
    A bracelet worn by travelers leaving Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay Features

During the Summer Game Fest that happened this June, we got to see an official gameplay trailer showcasing various characters, combat elements, and boss battles. With the new trailer, we got glimpses of overall gameplay showcasing player movement, further combat moves, driving, and mini-games, some of which seemed like fun arcade-style racing. It also showed us various environments portrayed in the game such as the Gold Saucer Amusement Park, the city of Midgar, etc. There are also lush open areas that players are free to explore.

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