Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How to Get Windmill Gear for Where the Wind Blows Quest?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How to Get Windmill Gear for Where the Wind Blows Quest?</p></div>
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How to Get Windmill Gear for Where the Wind Blows Quest?


“Where the Wind Blows” is a side quest that emphasizes exploration by making you traverse the Grasslands and find resources for the Windmill Gear.
Expedition Intel Lifesprings in the Grasslands is the key to effectively completing this side quest.
Remember to pick the Orb of Cleansing Materia which drops from the Windmill’s blades.

Final Fantasy (FF) 7 Rebirth encompasses numerous side quests alongside its enticing storyline. Apart from gaining EXP for characters and SP for weapon upgrades, these endeavors will also help you familiarize yourself with numerous mechanics built into this complex ARPG.

One notable example is the “Where the Wind Blows” quest, which will reward you with a unique Materia upon acquiring the elusive Windmill Gear and Quetzalcoatl Talon for Mildred. This quest can be quite confusing if you are unfamiliar with exploring the mechanics and the vast open world of Rebirth. Worry not, as this guide will help you spot these rare items.

“Where the Wind Blows” Quest Requirements in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

This quest begins when you talk to Broden at the Inn in Kalm. He will tell you that he is suffering from an illness and he asks if you could help his friend Mildred, accomplish her lifelong dream. Once you accept it, you need to head towards Oliver’s Farm in the Grasslands and take a short hike towards the North to find her.


She will be standing beside an Old Republic Windmill and she reveals that getting it up and running is a lifelong dream of hers. However, she has had trouble finding a key component for the Windmill’s Rotor and you must help her acquire it. This is where the quest gets tricky as it doesn’t pinpoint you to a location or provide a run-down of the requirements.

Exploration is key in completing this mission, as you need to acquire the Transmuter Chip: Windmill Gear along with x1 Quetzalcoatl Talon, x90 Iron Ore, x45 Lea Titanium, and x6 Beast Bones to finally craft the Windmill Gear. While Iron ore, Titanium, and Bones can be obtained just by taking down enemies and scouring through the Grasslands, the Transmuter Chip and the Talon pose quite a challenge to collect.

Before you venture out to gather the aforementioned resources, you need to know that completing at least Four out of Six Expedition Intel Lifesprings in Grasslands is key to getting information on the whereabouts of the Windmill Gear’s Trasmuter Chip and Quetzalcoatl. After completing two of the six Expeditions, you will unlock Excavation Intel 1 located in the Bygone Settlement.

Excavation Intel 1

You need to get on your Chocobo and traverse through the ruins until you get a prompt that it has sensed something. After two or more attempts, you will obtain the Transmuter Chip for Windmill Gear and a call from Chadley, explaining its importance. Completing four out of the six Expeditions will unlock Classified Intel: Winged Lacertillian of Yore, where you must battle the exotic Quetzalcoatl. Defeating it will grant you its Talon along with some Gil.

Classified Intel: Winged Lacertillian of Yore

After collecting all the resources, all you need to do is open up the Item Transmuter, head to the Key Items tab, and craft the Windmill Gear. Upon handing it over to Mildred, she will slot it into the Windmill and a short cutscene will play. Keen observers will notice a glowing piece of rock drop when its blades begin spinning.

Orb of Cleansing Materia

Once the cutscene plays out, head towards that spot to collect an Orb of Cleansing Materia. To complete “Where the Wind Blows” and receive its rewards, report to Broden back at the Inn in Kalm. The quest ends here, granting you 300 EXP and 10 party EXP. 

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