Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Everything You Need to Know about the Fort Condor Mini-Game


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Everything You Need to Know about the Fort Condor Mini-Game

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Fort Condor is essentially a Tower Defense mini-game that is accessible once you reach Chapter 4: Dawn of a New Era.
Completing all four levels of the mini-game and offering the acquired Protorelics to Chadley will reward you with elusive Materia that cannot be obtained anywhere else.
Note that Hero Units like Cloud, Barret, and Tifa can only be deployed once per fight.

Apart from its captivating main quests, Final Fantasy (FF) 7 Rebirth also offers over 30 side quests and mini-games to keep you occupied. While most of these quests and games are fairly straightforward, the game brings back the Fort Condor Tower Defense mini-game, first featured in FF7 Remake’s Intermission DLC. 

While the first iteration only allowed you to play as Yuffie, the new entry now features Cloud, Barret, and Tifain in their classic polygonal form, reminiscent of the original FF7. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Rebirth’s enhanced version of the Fort Condor mini-game.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Fort Condor Mini Game Explained

As mentioned above, Fort Condor is essentially a MOBA Tower Defense game built into FF7. it follows all the rules of the genre where you and your opponent have their own headquarters and the first person to destroy this tower will be declared the ultimate winner. Players are provided with two lanes - Left and Right, to send in various troops according to their preferred strategy.

protorelic site 1

This mini-game is accessible as soon as you reach Chapter 4: Dawn of a New Era. To get started, you must visit Protorelic Site Phenomenon Intel 1, located in the Junon Region of the map. Once you reach the area, you must activate the Seabreeze Renmawave Tower to find the exact coordinates of the Protorelic Site, which will then be marked on your map. The first one can be found in the spot where an old abandoned ship is split in half. Simply interacting with the Protorelic on the table will transport you into the mini-game.

troop types

Before you strategize your attacks, you need to know about the three types of troops that can be deployed:

  • Vanguard: Represented in Red, these are your infantry capable of performing melee attacks on enemies. They are most effective against Ranged troops.

  • Ranged: Known by their Green highlight, they stay in one place and are the most effective against Defensive units.

  • Defensive: Highlighted in Blue, these troops are essentially tanks, capable of absorbing massive amounts of damage, effective against Vanguards.

Apart from these units, you also have your ultimate Heroes - Cloud, Barret, and Tifa, summoned after deploying your first phase of standard Condor troops. The Heroes are capable of dealing AoE attacks, damaging any troops in their surroundings. While Cloud possesses Defensive abilities, Barret and Tifa are classified as Ranged and Vanguard types respectively.

You will see an ATB Gauge along with a meter that will keep replenishing as you deploy your troops. Each unit will have its own requirement to deploy, so you need to make sure not to deplete the meter immediately, in case you need to counter the advancing Shinra troops.

atb gauge

Once you deploy your troops, and the skirmish begins, your area or deployment will increase as your troops push forward into enemy territory. Likewise, if your opponent gets the upper hand, your area of deploying your units will reduce. Thankfully, you will be able to view your rival’s troop types and plan and strategize accordingly.


Keep in mind that all four levels of the Fort Condor mini-games are timed, which means you need to defeat your opponent before the time runs out to win the match and acquire the Protorelics. These elusive items must then be given to Chadley, who will reward you with unique Materia that cannot be obtained through any other methods.

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