Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Here’s How You Can Wake Up the Dead Businessmen


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Here’s How You Can Wake Up the Dead Businessmen long we gotta stay dead?

Surya Kumar
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In their last and final attempt to keep the Protorelic for themselves, Beck’s Badasses will play as dead businessmen and acquire a frustrating plot armor.
If you need an obvious clue, waking them up requires dropping the Giant Yellow Crate on them.

Echoing the franchise’s tradition, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth emphasizes exploration as one of the core elements of its ARPG experience. As Cloud Strife, you will encounter a myriad of quests while embarking on adventures throughout the vast open world. One among them requires you to gather Protorelics-  mysterious artifacts pulsating an unfamiliar energy. 

Chadley tasks you with hunting down Protorelic Phenomenon and you stumble upon a rather interesting group of bandits on your search through the Grasslands. At the very end of your endeavor, the Breck’s Badasses as they call themselves, will continue to put up new antics, this time masquerading themselves as dead businessmen. Here’s how you can wake them up.

How to Awaken Breck’s Badasses in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Once you reach Phenomenon Intel 4 and discover the hideout of Beck and his “Badasses”, you are in for a surprise. After multiple attempts to keep the Protorelic for themselves, and getting severely beat up in the process, the bandits have no choice but to play possum.


After entering their Hideout, an old Shinra storage facility, you notice them lying on the ground. To no one’s surprise, Burke loudly whispers to Beck, instantly giving away their master plan and you are tasked with waking up the dead businessmen. This might arguably be one of the most exasperating moments in the game, as many players struggle to awaken them.

The Beck’s Badasses seem to have body armor and no amount of sword slashing or ability usage will wake them up. You might think that it has something to do with the gap in the ceiling or the giant robot behind the ‘dead’ bandits. What most players completely seem to miss is the Giant Yellow Crate dangling on top of them.


All you need to do is spot the switch located on the right side while entering the warehouse and activate it by Pressing and Holding Triangle. This will drop the crate right on top of them, unpleasantly waking them up from their slumber. After a rather uninteresting battle with Beck’s Badasses and their modified Sweeper robot, Beck will admit defeat and offer you the Prototelic for 2,000 Gil and you are left with no other choice but to pay up, to finish Chadley’s quest.

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