Fextralife Called Out by Content Creators for Alleged Viewbotting and Embedding

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Fextralife Called Out by Content Creators for Alleged Viewbotting and Embedding</p></div>
Fextralife Called Out by Content Creators for Alleged Viewbotting and Embedding


Fextralife has been called out by several content creators for its alleged practice of view botting on Twitch.
The founder of the site, Fexelea has addressed and responded to all of these allegations in a post on the Fextralife site.

Fextralife is a popular website known for its guides on various RPGs like Elden Ring, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Fallout, Dark Souls series, etc. On 21st August, there was a post on the r/BG3Builds subreddit stating that the website had allegedly deployed bots to remove any negative reviews or comments regarding them. The post also claimed that the bots were downvoting links to the Baldur’s Gate 3 Community Wiki which caused vote manipulation. This eventually led to several content creators calling out the website about its apparent shady practices on Twitch. One of the creators of the site, Fexelea has posted on their site, addressing all of these accusations and wild claims against them. Let’s dive right into it.

Fexelea’s Response to These Accusations

Fexelea made a post on 25th August responding to all of these allegations. Initially, they addressed the r/BG3Builds subreddit saying that the moderator who posted about the vote manipulation was writing for a small Baldur’s Gate Wiki site and was constantly promoting their own website while badmouthing them. They also mentioned that there was zero evidence of their involvement in such practices and the moderator came to a conclusion based on his own internal bias. Fexelea had this to say:

There's literally zero evidence that we did any of this, and the moderator blaming us is heavily invested in the other website that since it was launched 2 years ago has constantly self-promoted on reddit while badmouthing us. Typical of negative campaigns, it's not "use me because I have good content", it's "Use me because THEY are evil, because... (make random accusation here)."

This is now being spread as fact by other content creators that are using these false allegations to try and paint us in a bad light because they perceive us as competition or a threat, or because they are simply drama merchants that benefit from outrage and witchhunts.

 They have also stated that they are a small community of people competing against big names such as Fandom, IGN, Games 8, and PC Gamer. Fexelea said that they find it “disgustingly unethical” to resort to such practices. Furthermore, they mentioned that they simply do not have the capacity, money, time, or need to engage in such a stupid activity as Reddit only accounts for 1% of their traffic.

Fextralife Was Called Out by Moistcr1tikal and Asmongold Allegedly Due to Their “Shady Practices” on Twitch

The popular Youtuber and Twitch Streamer Moistcr1tikal called out the Fextralife owner after going through their response for being blacklisted on the subreddit. He posted a video where he called out Fexelea for stating that they did not even know that Reddit bots were a thing. In his video, Charlie said, “It’s totally fine to defend yourself against the accusations and point out logical inconsistencies, but why tell a bald-faced lie like that in your defense?”

Furthermore, on 26th August, popular Twitch Streamer Asmongold shared his thoughts surrounding the Fextralife controversy. He mentions the fact that Twitch has not done anything about it must be a joke. He calls out Fextralife’s Twitch channel saying that they have 30,000 views but their chat is slower than a streamer with 200 views. He also says that the issue is with Twitch itself as the channel is still abiding by the guidelines. They are not breaking the rules by embedding their Twitch stream on their website or by allegedly using view bots.

Update on the BG3builds Subreddit

At the time of writing, the Reddit post has added an edit stating:

Fextralife has politely reached out about this post, vehemently states they are not the ones behind these actions, and are more interested in finding out who did it than preventing any kind of blacklist. They wish it to be stated that the actions discussed could be done by anyone, whether that be a 3rd party thinking their actions would help the Fextralife wiki, or a 3rd party which is hostile to the wiki.

Although it seems like the issue is about to be resolved, it is uncertain whether Fextralife’s links will remain blacklisted or not.

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