Far Cry 7 Will Reportedly Be Called Far Cry: Rise and Launch on Nintendo Switch 2


Far Cry 7 Will Reportedly Be Called Far Cry: Rise and Launch on Nintendo Switch 2

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It's been two years since the launch of Far Cry 6, and Ubisoft hasn't said much anything about the series.
However, we have new details on the next entry in Ubisoft's Far Cry series, including a new story and Nintendo Switch 2 release.

Ubisoft’s Far Cry franchise has been a staple in the gaming industry, infamous for its open-world gameplay, breathtaking landscapes, and unadulterated chaos. However, Ubisoft has been quiet about its high-octane action series Far Cry since the launch of its latest installment in 2021. 

Although 2021’s Far Cry 6 seemed to underperform, there was still never any doubt about a new game following up at some point. The next entry, Far Cry 7, is currently being developed under the codename “Project Blackbird”. Though we still lack official details, a series of leaks and insider reports have provided us intriguing insights into what might lie ahead for players. 

Far Cry 7 Release Date and Setting

According to the latest leaks, Far Cry 7 is all set to release in Fall 2025. The franchise is known for its diverse and beautiful settings, and we’re sure that Far Cry 7 won’t be an exception. Here’s everything we know about the Far Cry sequel: – 

  • The leaked information reveals that Far Cry 7 will take place on a fictional tropical island called ‘Kimsan’ in the Yellow Sea, next to Korea. 

  • The game will be titled Far Cry: Rise.

  • While there are no specifics of this setting, it aims to deliver lush environments and another region filled with adventure. 

  • The protagonist of the game is expected to set on a mission to save their family from the “Sons of Truth”, a group responsible for the said kidnappings. 

  • During the campaign, you will have 72 in-game hours to rescue your family members. The timer can be paused when you enter one of your safehouses.

Far Cry 7 Will Reportedly Be Called Far Cry: Rise and Launch on Nintendo Switch 2

That’s not all; Far Cry 7 will combine FC 3 and 5 elements and bring a non-linear storyline, player choices, and interrogation. 

The non-linear aspect of the story mode means that players do not have to rescue their family members in a specific order. Some family members might meet unfortunate fates along the way, which would impact the game’s narrative. Moreover, the next game will focus on player choices and consequences. The ability to rescue family members in any order and the deaths that could impact the game’s storyline reveal Ubisoft’s attempt to shift the franchise toward the RPG genre. 

Far Cry 7 Might Come to Nintendo Switch 2

It’s probably one of the most unexpected things, but leaks suggest that Far Cry 7 will launch on Nintendo Switch 2. Universo Nintendo Editor-in-Chief Felipe Lima stated that the game will simultaneously be released on Nintendo Switch 2 with other platforms. 

While Far Cry 7 still remains shrouded in mystery, the leaks and reports give us an exciting glimpse into what the game might entail. Whether the game will be an innovative recreation of a beloved formula or a far cry from the familiar chaotic shooter fans love is yet to be seen.

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