Everything You Need to Know About Walking Dead: Betrayal


Everything You Need to Know About Walking Dead: Betrayal

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Walking Dead: Betrayal is currently available for early access on Steam until 28th August.
This game builds upon Other Ocean Interactive’s Project Winter by combining elements of Walking Dead and Among Us.

In a groundbreaking fusion of the iconic Walking Dead universe and the gripping gameplay of social deception games like Among Us, "Walking Dead: Betrayal" is set to redefine the zombie gaming experience. This upcoming third-person action title puts teamwork and communication at the forefront, offering players a fresh take on survival.

While most zombie games lean towards the shooter genre, "Walking Dead: Betrayal" distinguishes itself by emphasizing cooperative play as the key to staying alive in a world overrun by the undead.

Walking Dead: Betrayal Open Beta Access

Although there is no news regarding the game’s full release date, developer Other Ocean Interactive announced its open beta playtest which started on 25th August and will continue until 28th August (9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 9:30 PM IST). You can request to join the game’s early access from its Steam page. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will receive a mail, allowing you to experience the world of Walking Dead: Betrayal

Walking Dead: Betrayal Gameplay Features

Walking Dead: Betrayal Gameplay Features

As mentioned earlier, Walking Dead: Betrayal combines elements of other Walking Dead Games with social deception games like Among Us. Other Ocean Interactive is not new to this genre, considering the fact that they are the makers of 2019’s award-winning Project Winter, but with Walking Dead: Betrayal, the studio aims to build upon the features of their first game.

In this end-of-the-world apocalyptic scenario, up to 8 players gather together in a remote part of Canada where they must fend off a horde of walkers and escape the area. You will be racing against time as you only have 30 minutes until you are overrun by a horde of walkers. However, the walkers aren’t the only threat, as there are traitors lurking among you. The game divides the players into six survivors who work together to reach their objectives and two traitors who try to sabotage their efforts and cause complete chaos. Each player is assigned a role that offers them primary and secondary abilities as the game starts. These roles are:

  • Traitor

  • Bodyguard

  • Tailor

  • Negotiator

  • Turncoat

  • Confidant

  • Daredevil

  • Scavenger

  • Bereaved

Teamwork plays a crucial role in the game so make sure not to wander off in the wild where you can easily become the prey for these ferocious zombies. The game also offers proximity voice chat so you can communicate with your fellow survivors and coordinate strategic methods to escape the hordes.

Furthermore, the game introduces crafting and cooking mechanics that demand players to explore unknown areas far beyond their safe zone in order to gather supplies like food and crafting materials for creating unique weapons.

If all else fails, death is not the end of the game. You will be permitted to move around the map, taking control of different herds of walkers and luring them towards the survivors, allowing you to seek revenge on those who wronged you.

That is pretty much all there is to know about the upcoming Walking Dead: Betrayal. If you are interested, check out the guides made by Skyound Games that provide further information.

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