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EA is Reportedly Working on a Battlefield Battle Royale

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Battlefield 2042 failed to live up to the expectations of the fans and players.
Last year, EA's CEO confirmed that the next Battlefield game would be a reimagination of the franchise.
Now, an exclusive report suggests that a free-to-play battle royale game for Battlefield is in the works.

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter, developed by Ripple Effect, previously DICE, and published by Electronic Arts (EA). This game is the twelfth main installment in the Battlefield series and it was released on 19th November 2021. However, the game failed to live up to the expectations of the fans and players. It was launched in what seemed to be a hurried state, plagued with errors and other issues.

However, it has been reported that there are multiple Battlefield projects in the works, which will all be a part of the Battlefield universe. According to an exclusive report by Insider Gaming, Ripple Effect is also working on a new battle royale for Battlefield which is aimed to be free-to-play.

Battlefield Battle Royale In the Works?

Ripple Effect is the studio that is working on creating a new experience for players and fans of the Battlefield franchise. According to Insider Gaming, this Battle Royale, which is reportedly in the world, will be free-to-play. It will follow in the footsteps of Call of Duty: Warzone "that will see the free-to-play experience tie-in with its premium release."

The report further added that the battle royale game is headed by Byron Beede who is senior vice president and general manager of Battlefield at Electronic Arts. He was previously leading live service for Call of Duty.

The exclusive report also suggested that the Battlefield battle royale has two distinct game modes. One will be the classic Battle Royale experience while the other mode will be named "Gauntlet." In the Gauntlet mode, teams of players will likely compete in objective-based modes and the team with the lowest score will be kicked out after every mission.

While this might be surprising to many fans and players, it seems like Battlefield wants to make up for the ground it missed with its other titles. It should be noted that Battlefield V's Battle Royale Firestorm and Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone were not free-to-play and missed out on bringing in hordes of new players.

There have been some significant development and changes happening at EA and Battlefield studios. In August 2023, speaking about the latest EA earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that the next Battlefield game will be a “reimagination of Battlefield.

It should also be noted that Marcus Lehto, the game director at Ridgeline Games/ Battlefield left EA and his studio after working for over two years at the company.

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