Does Ready or Not Have a Dedicated PvP Mode?


Does Ready or Not Have a Dedicated PvP Mode?

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Ready or Not used to have PvP mode in its Alpha stage where it offered TDM, King of the Hill, and VIP escort playstyles.
The game is expected to eventually feature a PvP mode that will be a major overhaul compared to its earlier version.

Void Interactive’s tactical shooter Ready or Not is finally out of its early access phase and numerous fans are overjoyed to get their hands on it. The game was fully released on 13th December with over 50,000 concurrent players at the time of writing. Players take on the role of David ‘Judge’ Beaumont, the commander of the Los Suenos SWAT team and carefully plan out their strategies to neutralize their threats during various combat situations that the Ready or Not exhibits. 

Although the game has a single-player mode that pits you against AI opponents and a co-op mode to play with your friends, several fans are expecting a dedicated PvP mode that will allow you to battle it out with other players and climb up the leaderboards.

Is There a PvP Mode in Ready or Not?

Although the game had such a mode present in its Alpha stage, it received harsh criticism from its players as it was pretty unbalanced and contained loosely connected gameplay elements. As a result, the devs at Void removed the game mode. 

While many expected it to return with the title’s full release, this does not seem to be the case and at the time of writing, there seems to be no PvP mode added to Ready or Not. There is no mention of a PvP mode in the “Key Game Features” section on Void’s official website while the prominent single-player and co-op game modes are showcased there.

Will the PvP Mode Eventually Return to Ready or Not?

In a video made by YouTuber Official Invictus, he explains that the devs at Void did an AMA where they mentioned that although it is not at the forefront of their plans with Ready or Not, they would eventually be implementing a PvP mode in the future. 

They also stated that they would like to feature unique PvP gameplay and talked about the mode that was present in the game’s Alpha. They said that the maps, aesthetics, and other elements such as mechanics and gameplay present in the earlier version of the PvP mode didn’t exactly correspond to the rest of the game. 

Considering this, we can expect to see the revamped PvP mode be drastically different from what the earlier version showcased. Considering that many players are anticipating it, we can expect to see an announcement made on Void Interactive’s social media handles once they add PvP to the game.

However, if you wish to experience it right away, you can do so with the help of mods. Make sure you follow the studio’s guidelines and policies before implementing such modifications.

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