Does Football Manager 2024 Support Crossplay and Cross-Progression?


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Does Football Manager 2024 Support Crossplay and Cross-Progression?

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Football Manager 2024 is all set to hit the virtual shelves on 6th November 2023.
Players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 can compete against one another in three different game modes.

Football Manager 2024 is the latest in a long list of Management style games developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. This new iteration aims to be the most complete version of it all, bringing a host of changes to its already successful formula. The new title features significant enhancements to its game engine which now showcases better player animations, ball physics, and lighting to accurately depict the time and weather effects on Matchday.

Despite all of these changes, the game will still make its way to numerous platforms such as Windows, macOS, Xbox, PlayStation 5, and Mobile. Considering this, many players might be wondering if they can transition between these devices while also maintaining their progress. Let’s go ahead and see if it is possible to do so.

Does Football Manager 2024 Support Cross Progression?

While the PC version of FM 2024 allows you to transfer save files between the Steam and the Epic Games Store versions, there is no other sign of cross-progression present on any of the different versions of the game. This means if you start the game on a specific platform, you cannot save your progression across various devices.

However, the game does allow you to transfer all of your save files from FM 2023 to the current version. Do note that save files can only move from one PC to another or from one console to another.

Does Football Manager 2024 Support Crossplay?

Yes, Football Manager 2024 does offer crossplay support but it is limited to consoles such as the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Keep in mind that crossplay is limited to these three game modes:

  • Fantasy Draft

  • Online Career

  • Versus Modes

Although the PC and console versions are mostly similar in terms of their gameplay elements, they are still considered as two different versions of the game. As a result, only PC players who bought the game on Steam and Epic Games Store can compete with each other.

At the time of writing, there is no information about crossplay functionality among Nintendo Switch and Mobile players, although it seems possible that Android and iOS users can play the game together since they are identical versions.

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