Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Brings Dante’s Adventures to Mobile


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Brings Dante’s Adventures to Mobile

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Capcom brings its critically acclaimed Devil May Cry series to mobile platforms through Chinese developer NebulaJoy.
Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is available for free on both Android and iOS.
Apart from its engaging single-player mode, players can also play through every level in co-op with their friends.

Capcom has joined hands with Chinese game developer NebulaJoy to bring its critically acclaimed Devil May Cry (DMC) series on mobile devices. Dubbed Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, this new title showcases most of DMC’s gameplay elements on a portable platform.

Apart from its gameplay, it also features all iconic characters from previous entries along with allowing players to replay memorable moments and boss battles in the series. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what it brings to the table.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Boasts Motion-Captured Character Models and Exciting Gameplay Elements

According to the developer, this game was developed with the close supervision of Capcom to bring the intricate combat system of DMC games into a mobile layout. Taking a look at the gameplay footage, we can certainly tell that this title features smooth and dynamic combat, allowing players to carry out various moves featured in the previous entries.

Apart from regular melee combat, players can perform iconic aerial maneuvers which is a signature mechanic present in DMC games. To add to the realism, the game features motion-captured character models and its well-known Gothic environments to keep it authentic.

DMC: Peak of Combat also features numerous characters from previous entries. Apart from Dante the Devil Hunter, you also get to play as his evil alter-ego Vergil, Nero, the Holy Knight, and the human Demon Hunter, Mary Ann Arkham whom Dante refers to as ‘Lady’.

As you progress through various levels, hacking and slashing your way through hordes of demons, you will be rewarded with red orbs to enhance your weapons and characters, unlocking new skills and powers in the process. 

While the game can be enjoyed in single-player mode, you are also free to play every level in co-op mode with your friends. Additionally, players can also switch things up in the PvP arena mode, which the developer claims to have no pay-to-win elements, making it a fair fight for all.

Furthermore, what makes this Capcom-supervised title more appealing to mobile gamers is the fact that it is absolutely free to play on both Android and iOS. Players can access all levels, weapons, and characters without having to pay for anything but similar to most mobile games, it does have micro-transactions in the form of in-game cosmetic items.

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