Dear Parents, Here’s Why GenZ Gets Mad When You Ask Us to Pause Online Games

Abhimannu Das
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There is sometimes a communication gap between GenZ’s gamers and their parents when it comes to video games.
If you do not understand why your child refuses to “pause” their video games, here’s what you need to know.

Today, gaming takes various forms, from Fortnite and Twitch/YouTube streams to competitive gaming teams and gaming-themed clothing. It's a way people connect, form friendships, and even meet future partners. Gaming is here to stay and is continually evolving. As parents, it's never too late to understand this world and how our children engage with it.

Online games often can't be paused. It's a far cry from the games we might remember from our youth. As a parent, when you ask your child to pause their game, you're essentially asking them to make some tough choices which is why many gamers don’t listen to you.

Pausing is not an option for many gamers

Many of the games gamers play are online with other people. When they are in a multiplayer match, like in a team-based game, their actions affect the entire team. Pausing in the middle of a match could put their team at a disadvantage. Imagine if a cricket player could just stop running in the middle of a game – it's similar in these online games.

It’s not just multiplayer/online games either. Some games have intricate stories and cutscenes, just like movies or TV shows. Pausing during these moments can disrupt the flow of the story, making it harder to follow and enjoy. It's like trying to pause a movie during an important scene.

You should be involved with your child’s gaming experience

One crucial aspect is participating in your child's gaming experience. Take the time to understand the games they play, ask questions, and show interest. Engaging with their interests can create common ground between you and your child, just as you would if they were playing a traditional sport.

By respecting their playtime and taking an interest in their gaming world, you'll open up opportunities to bond and connect. You'll find yourself having conversations about their gaming achievements, and they'll be more eager to share their experiences with you. These are the moments that make parenting special, and they can exist in many forms, not just gaming.

Note to gamers: Sometimes it’s okay to quit a game

Gaming should not interfere with responsibilities and family time. While it is important for parents to understand why gamers get mad when asked to pause online games, it is just as important for gamers to pursue their hobby responsibly and communicate with their parents. 

If you are a gamer and are asked to do chores while you are top fragging in Valorant, you should politely say that you need a bit of time before you can attend. And sometimes it is okay to quit in the middle of a match to attend to your family and responsibilities if something urgent comes up.

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